The wordmark is a stylized type treatment of the institution’s name, designed to reflect its identity as a selective national liberal arts college in the Pacific Northwest.

The wordmark utilizes the Minion typeface, a 1990 Adobe Originals font designed by Robert Slimbach. Minion is inspired by classical typefaces of the late Renaissance, a period of elegant and highly readable type designs. It has been selected because it combines both the aesthetic qualities and historical presence that reflect Puget Sound’s heritage, and the functionality and flexibility that allow the font to reproduce well in a variety of contemporary settings. The Minion family includes a variety of styles to meet the needs of different applications.

To be consistent with the historic Puget Sound seal, the wordmark does not include the article “The” before the name “University of Puget Sound.” The separation between “University” and “Puget Sound” highlights “Puget Sound” and reduces the emphasis on the initials “UPS” to avoid confusion with the package delivery company or a public state university. “Est. 1888” has been added to emphasize our long tradition of academic excellence and our historic role in the academic and broader community.

The wordmark was created to reproduce effectively in a range of different sizes, colors, and formats. Alteration or improper use of the wordmark can diminish its value and dilute Puget Sound’s message. The wordmark is a custom-designed
element with specific spacing and formatting. Always reproduce the wordmark using an approved electronic file.


Horizontal Version

The horizontal version is the preferred format for most applications. It should not be reproduced smaller than 1.75 inches wide.



Stacked Version

A stacked version may be used to accommodate smaller spaces, and to further emphasize “Puget Sound” over “UPS.” It should not be used smaller than 1 inch wide.



Area of Isolation

With rare exceptions, the wordmark should be separated from surrounding elements when used in graphic communications. Adequate blank space or “area of isolation” should be maintained on all sides of the mark. This blank area will ensure a distinct visual impact for the mark. In most instances, a minimum one-half inch around the mark is sufficient.



Use With Other Graphic Symbols

  • The wordmark may be used with or without “Est. 1888.” (see above)
  • The wordmark may be used with or without the University of Puget Sound seal in the appropriate situation (See Seal).


Electronic Files

All approved versions of the wordmark are available for download at www.pugetsound.edu/commresources and on the Dowloads page.


Improper Use of Wordmark

To maintain the integrity of the identity program, the wordmark should not be altered in any way. The following are examples of improper use:

Sized disproportionately

To keep this from happening, while sizing graphics hold shift or make sure "lock aspect ratio" is selected.




Tightly spaced




Altered in any way