Staging the seal
Use on dark backgrounds
Use with other graphic symbols
Electronic files
Improper uses of the seal



The seal is the oldest and most consistently used graphic representation of the college. The Greek letters near the top are translated as “To the heights,” referencing both the central image of Mt. Rainier and the attributes of both Puget Sound’s physical location and academic philosophy.

The seal is intended for use on official, formal institutional documents, such as those related to the Office of the President, Commencement, admission acceptance materials, stationery, and honoraria.

The seal should not be used as an alternative to the university wordmark.

Note: For consistency and ease of reproduction, versions of the seal with a scalloped edge have been discontinued.


Staging the Seal

The seal should never be smaller than five-eighths inch (.625 inches), and should always have one-eighth inch (.125 inches) surrounding it.

Use on Dark Backgrounds

The seal may be used on any background that is light or dark enough to provide sufficient contrast. The seal’s colors should never be reversed. If the seal appears on a dark background, a white field should appear behind the seal.


Use With Other Graphic Symbols

The wordmark may be used in conjunction with the seal, as shown above, although it is strongly recommended to use these elements in isolation. The wordmark is intended for broad use, and the seal is reserved for formal applications. (Fig. 2–4)




Electronic Files

The file types listed below are available for use on official institutional documents by contacting the design manager in the Office of Communications.


The EPS version of the seal may be enlarged or reduced in size, but can only be used in four-color process or black.



The TIFF and JPEG versions of the seal may not be enlarged, but can be reduced in size. The black JPEG version can be converted to spot color (PMS 188) when used in a pagination software such as InDesign or Microsoft Word.


Improper Uses of the Seal

To maintain the integrity of the institution’s identity, the seal should not be used in the following ways:



Smaller than 5/8"




Placed over a busy photo


Placed below the wordmark


Behind type or graphics


Altered in any way


Sized disproportionately