Email Signature Add-ons

Faculty and staff members may choose to include the following optional information in their email signatures. Please be conscious of the length of your signature (it should be no more than 10 lines). We recommend including no more than two of the following optional items.

Recipient Disclaimer Language See a sample
A disclaimer may be added to the bottom of your email signature, indicating that the message may contain proprietary information. Should you decide to include this disclaimer, please place it at the very bottom of your email message in the same font as the body of your message in a font size equal to or smaller than the font size of the body of your message. We recommend the following language:

This message is intended exclusively for the individual to whom it is addressed. If you are not the named addressee, you are not authorized to read, print, retain, copy, or disseminate this message or any part of it. If you have received this message in error, please notify me immediately and delete all copies of the message.

Promotional Text/Event Links See a sample
Email signatures may include promotional text and/or a link for upcoming or ongoing Puget Sound events and programs, for example:

If you are presenting at an academic or professional conference related to your role at Puget Sound, you may include explanatory text and a link to the event.

Puget Sound Event and Program Logos See a sample
Specific event and program logos, such as the Puget Sound 125th Anniversary or One [of a Kind] logos, may be included in email signatures when appropriate, but must be sized properly for email to ensure their graphic integrity. Logos should be placed at the "bottom" of the email signature, beneath all required information. If you include recipient disclaimer language in your signature, that text should follow the logo graphic.

To request an event or program logo for your email signature, contact the Office of Communications at

Social Media/Personal Blogs and Websites See a sample
Email signatures should not include references or links to personal social media accounts, blogs, or websites. Faculty members who wish to link to a personal blog or website related to their workat Puget Sound may do so. Signatures may include a link to the university's social media page, for example:

Connect with Puget Sound:

If your office, department, or group has an official presence in social media, you may elect to include a link to that account instead of the general university social media page. If you are active in more than one social media platform, we suggest including a link to a page within the university website that provides links to each account.

Puget Sound Blogs See a sample
If your office, department, or group has an approved Puget Sound blog, you may choose to include a link to it in your email signature. If not you may include a link to the Voices page of the university website (, which includes links to various blogs featured on our home page, as well as other blogs related to Puget Sound.