The official school colors are maroon and white. This does not mean that all materials produced by the college must include the color maroon. It does mean that maroon is the primary color used in the stationery system— including
letterhead and business cards—and for athletic teams.



Standard colors for both the wordmark and seal are as follows:

4-Color Process
PMS Spot Color
Hexadecimal (Web)
Maroon 0C, 97M, 100Y, 60K
PMS 188
122, 5, 0
Black 0C , 0M, 0Y, 100K

0, 0, 0



Single-color publications can be produced in black or maroon (PMS 188). A singlecolor wordmark or seal can be used against any light-colored background. The wordmark may be reproduced in other dark colors in certain circumstances. Please contact the design director in the Office of Communications for more information.


Complementary Colors

The colors below are approved complementary shades that can be used in conjunction with maroon in college publications.

Note: To see an example of how PMS 188 prints on coated, matte coated, and uncoated paper, please contact the Office of Communications.