Email Signatures

As a faculty or staff member, your email signature is an extension of Puget Sound's letterhead and stationery system. A universitywide standard email signature helps create a cohesive experience for all who interact with Puget Sound online. Please use the following guidelines to ensure that your email signature adheres to university standards.

  • The email signature font should be Arial, except for "University of Puget Sound," which should be Times and all caps.
  • Signatures should not include the following:
    • Personal information, such as personal websites, personal blog addresses, quotes, department tag lines, etc.
    • Links to or logos of websites, groups, or organizations not related to Puget Sound.
    • Background images or decorative elements, such as clipart, graphics, emoticons, etc.
    • The email address from which the email message was sent.

Some offices or departments may choose to include the One [of a Kind] campaign logo or a special event logo in their signatures, but the standard university email signature does not include graphics of any kind.

If you have any questions or concerns about email signatures, or if you would like to discuss incorporating a special logo into your signaure, please contact Sarah Stall at or x2673.