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Our Story

"Puget Sound invites bold journeys of personal and intellectual discover, supported by a welcoming community. We are united in a desire to creatively meet worthy challenges and make a difference in the world. Journey, boldly." —Our Story: The Puget Sound Brand Guide

Our brand guide is a comprehensive look at our identity, conveyed through consistent expression of our personality, key messages, and visual standards.

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Brand Resource Tools
When a time comes for you to share our story with the world, download the following quick guides! Or, store them as a personal references for later.

Brand Platform Quick Guide

Talking Points Quick Guide

Visual Identity Quick Guide 

Brand Infographic

Get a jump start into representing Puget Sound with one of these creative tools.

Basic PowerPoint Template

Visual Identity & Logo
Discover the key components that make up our outward appearance! As well as more information about the following goodies:

Primary and Secondary Logos: An in-depth look at proper logo usage.

Email Signatures: Creating our personal signatures.

Lockups: Our logo and department names working together.

Social Media Icons: Presenting a unified online presence.

Incorrect Logo Usage: Examples of improper usage of our logo.

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