Self Paced E-learning

Preventing Workplace Harassment

The University of Puget Sound and New Media Learning present an e-learning professional development opportunity for staff, faculty and students. This interactive one-hour computer tutorial offers a convenient and practical means of educating ourselves about harassment and associated legal issues. You are encouraged to visit the site (by clicking on the link below), go through the tutorial, and complete the test at its conclusion.

Preventing Workplace Harassment Tutorial

FERPA Tutorial

What information do you access in your job that may need to be handled in a secure way? For example, a University telephone directory, student registration forms, graded papers, advising packets, student information displayed on your computer screen? If you handle such information, you will want to go through the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act tutorial that was designed by the University's Registrar's Office staff. Click on the link below to access this e-learning tool.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Tutorial