Resources from Previous Campus Training Events

This page contains documents and tips previously distributed in campus training programs.  Made available with thanks to our generous program presenters or participants, these materials may be adjusted and distributed for university use only.

Managing Performance at Puget Sound

(delivered 2/28/06 by Rosa Beth Gibson, Nancy Nieraeth, and Beverly Smith)

The course handout includes program slides and exercises, and all appendices including

  • Supplemental performance review questionnaire (form & instructions)
  • Performance Development Plan (form & instructions)
  • The Q12 (The Gallup Study of what influences employee satisfaction)
  • Action verbs list by skills category
  • Sample staff performance review
  • Written corrective action notice
  • Difficult conversations tips and guidelines
  • Model for 360° feedback

Workplace Safety:  An Overview

(presented 2/3/2005 by John Hickey)

Performance Appraisals:  The Supervisor's Role

(delivered 9/29/04 by Rosa Beth Gibson)