Resources from Previous Campus Training Events

This page contains documents and tips previously distributed in campus training programs.  Made available with thanks to our generous program presenters or participants, these materials may be adjusted and distributed for university use only.

The Higher Education Landscape - Presented by Dennis Hopwood

Dealing with Difficult People - Presented by Dennis Hopwood

Armchair Genealogy - Presented by Amber Case

Trans* Identities 101 and 201; Toy Story handout, Gender Identity words handout - Presented by Skylar Bihl and Dave Wright

Setting Students up for Success; Orient Supervisor Checklist, Framework for Interviewing Students - Presented by Elizabeth Wormsbecker and Rebecca Pettitt

Budget Orientation Overview; Orientation handout - Presented by Dana Kapla, Linda Green, Julie Greene and Lori Seager

Budget and P-Card Advanced Topics - Presented by Dana Kapla, Linda Green, Julie Greene, Lori Seager and Racheal Arteaga

Keeping your Computer Healthy; handout - Presented by Taryn Cramer and Dale Mickel

Taking the Mystery out of Audio Visual Technology in Classroom and Presentation Spaces; handout - Presented by Julie Coleman

Publishing with Publisher; Print Design Terminology handout - Presented by Henry Waymack

Creating and Implementing a Student Employee Evaluation Process! - Presented by Sarah Comstock

How to Be Your Best Self at Puget Sound - Presented by Tasha Helton and Ellen Peters

Everyday Preparedness- Getting you ready for a natural disaster - Presented by Michelle Chatterton