Recycling Off Campus


Off-campus houses

While Sustainability Services does not offer off-campus services, we would like to provide off-campus residents with resources to ensure they recycle correctly. If you do not recycle properly, your recycling bin will not be emptied and the City of Tacoma may charge you a fee. Recycling services can also be ended at your house if you contaminate the bins repeatedly. To see the specific guidelines for accepted recyclable materials excepted by the City of Tacoma, and to find resources for disposing of items not accepted, please visit the City of Tacoma's website, see Sustainability Services' A-Z Disposal Guide, or send us an email at

Commingled Bin




-Plastics #1-7

-Thin cardboard    

(cereal boxes)

-Corrugated cardboard 

-Liquid Cartons

(milk and juice cartons, etc)



Not Acceptable


-Food Waste/ Yard Waste



-Styrofoam/packing peanuts

-Hazardous Waste (paint, cleaning supplies, etc)




-Wax-coated paper or cardboard

Glass Bin


*please make sure all items are clean

  • Glass bottles (lids/caps removed)
  • Glass jars (lids/caps removed)
  • Batteries: rechargeable or alkaline batteries (in sealed plastic bags)

Not Acceptable

  • Broken glass
  • Glass cups
  • Vases
  • Window panes
  • Mirrors
  • Incandescent light bulbs
  • Ceramics


Yard Waste


  • grass clippings, leaves, pruning, beauty bark, weeds & roots (remove as much dirt as possible), branches (broken to fit into the bin), small amounts of fruit and vegetable matter
Not Accepted
  • sod, dirt, rocks, manure, stumps, logs, lumber, bagged yard waste, large amounts of fruits and vegetable matter, cat litter, pizza boxes, paper materials



Servicing the Bins

Garbage bins are emptied every other week by the City of Tacoma.

Commingled recycling and glass bins are emptied every other week, on the same day as the bi-weekly garbage service.

Yard waste is also emptied every other week on the same day as the bi-weekly garbage service, although not the same week as commingled and glass recycling are emptied.

It is the responsibility of the residents to pull their bins out before services every week.

To find out which day your bins are serviced and where you should place your bins to be emptied, please visit the City of Tacoma's website or contact Tacoma Public Utilities.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please email Sustainability Services at, or call our campus extension x1560.