Recycling Program

At Sustainability Services, our goal is to provide a well-functioning, responsive, and sustainable recycling program for the campus community. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and expand our program, and any changes we make are guided by the desire to reduce waste and expenses. Our recycling and waste management programs are tailored to meet the needs and capabilities of different types of buildings and residences on campus. Please see the links to the right for more information on the recycling details that apply to your working or living situation as a part of our community. 

While recycling bin types, locations, and pick-up schedules vary throughout campus, what goes in the bins is relatively standard. Here are some general rules on what can and cannot go in the recycling bins on campus. Please make sure that all items you put into the recycling bins are clean of any food waste.

Commingled Recycling Bins




-Plastics #1-7

-Thin cardboard    

(cereal boxes)

-Small corrugated cardboard 

-Liquid Cartons

(milk and juice cartons, etc)



Not Acceptable


-Food waste


-Pizza boxes

-Styrofoam/packing peanuts

-Coffee cups

-Tissues, paper towels, napkins

-Wax-coated paper or cardboard

.Glass Bins

To see specific bin types and recycling systems according to building or residence type, please see the links to the right.




-Glass Bottles with lids removed

-Batteries in sealed plastic bags

-Small Electronic Items  

Not Acceptable


Broken glass

Glass cups


Window panes


Light bulbs