Sustainability Team Members


Elizabeth King

Sustainability Program Coordinator

Elizabeth is a Senior hailing from Portland, Oregon, who is studying mainly Biology and Spanish, with a liberal smattering of arts included as well. Her potential post-graduation plans waver between teaching and running away to join the circus on a weekly basis, and she has been getting her fix of time spent upside down with yoga and pole vaulting, sometimes even at the same time. 

Sage Haynes

Sustainability Field Manager

Sage is a Junior from Seattle, Washington who is majoring in Biology with minors in Politics & Government and Math. She enjoys biking, hiking, and yoga and loves any type of fruit. She lives her life by one saying: "What's going on?"

Marcella Heineke

Sustainability Field Manager

Marcella is a Junior from River Forest, IL. She is a double major in Biology and Spanish. She enjoys playing lacrosse and pirating large furniture for her own nefarious purposes. 

Devan Salter

Sustainability Field Manager

Devan is a Senior from Spanaway, Washington, majoring in Biochemistry with a minor in Music. He plans on playing bass full-time in a metal band and doing biochemical forensic research on the weekends. He enjoys going 4x4ing and is part of Sustainability Services, "to reduce that carbon footprint!"

Alex Burns

Sustainability Program Assistant 

Alex is a Sophomore from Bainbridge Island, WA, majoring in Environmental Science. He likes recycling, and on the weekends he enjoys watching football in the afternoons to make up for the fact that he always has to work early in the morning.

Aaron Jurasevich

Sustainability Program Assistant

Aaron is a Sophomore from the City of Angels. Academically, he is majoring Chinese and Business, but is currently studying the fine arts of rock climbing and au natural dog grooming. 

Keaohuana'oli Rivera-Leong

Sustainability Program Assistant 

Keao is a Sophomore from Hawai'i. She is appropriately undecided about her major. She likes to be outdoors, from the beach to the forest, likes owls, and her first language was Hawaiian. She has been awarded three years in a row for "Most Likely to Make You Smile Just By Smiling".

Sophia Salus-Kleiner

Sustainability Program Assistant

Sophia is a Sophomore from Corvallis, OR. She is currently undecided on her major.  Some of her favorite things are popcorn, tea, and breakfast. She is always up for a hike in the rain or a thrilling golf cart ride around campus. But maybe not a golf cart ride in the rain.

Jake Smith

Sustainability Program Assistant  

Jake is a Sophomore from Redmond, WA. He is studying Molecular and Cellular Biology. In his free time he loves to snowboard and hike. He has been noted for his insistence that he can throw a pig-skin "a quarter mile".

Mairan Smith 

Sustainability Program Assistant 

Mairan is a Sophomore from Santa Cruz, CA. She is leaning toward a major in Biology. She likes whales, everything bagels with lox shmear, and reading books! Her hope is to one day go to New Zealand and reenact Lord of the Rings. 

Robyn Thomas

Sustainability Program Assistant 
Robyn is a Sophomore from Denver, CO, majoring in Biology and Environmental Policy. She is a master in both tai chi and chai tea. Emphasis on the chai tea. 

Gaea Villaroya

Sustainability Program Assistant 

Gaea is a Sophomore from Kodiak, AK, majoring in Music Education.
Fun fact: She is not afraid to resort to violins.

She is also not afraid to resort to sarcasm, but that is a different story.


Tessa Samuels

Sustainability Program Assistant 

Tessa is a Freshman from __. Terrified of the ghosts of dead whales and dinosaurs, Tessa is fond of backpacking and splashing through mud, but does her best to avoid large bones.


Rose Pytte

Sustainability Program Assistant 

Rose is a Freshman from Vermont.


Zack Losack

Sustainability Program Assistant 

Zack is a Freshman from __. Though he was born by the name of Joseph, he decided that the opportunities for rhyming were more valuable than his parents hopes for him. He is proficient in numerous languages, most usefully, Vulcan, and Elvish.