Sustainability Team Members

Travis Freidman '11 Sustainability and Energy Manager

Travis Freidman

Sustainability and Energy Manager

Travis is from Seattle Washington. He graduated from the University with degrees in Economics and Political Theory and a minor in Math. He is Puget Sound's Green Guru - if you have a question about sustainability or campus, chances are he knows the answer. Travis enjoys spicy foods, listening to NPR, spending time outdoors, and he currently holds the Facilities Services Department Record for Longest Sideburns.

Hannah Maurer '14 Sustainability Program Manager

Hannah Maurer

Sustainability Program Coordinator

Hannah is a senior from Berthoud, Colorado. She is majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in Religion. Her mother says that when she was two she refused to sing anything other than 'We Recycle' in the car. She loves skiing, rowing, backpacking and anything outside.

Liana Hardcastle '14 Field Manager

Liana Hardcastle

Sustainability Field Manager

Liana is a senior from Sanborton, New Hampshire who is majoring in Art history. She is an earthbender who likes steam punk and kittens. Liana also belly dances in her frieetime and would love to be a medieval knight when she grows up.

Brady McCowan '15 Field Manager

Brady McCowan

Sustainability Field Manager

Brady is a Junior originally from Silver Spring, maryland who is majoring in Saxaphone Performance. He is a big enthusiaste of birds, music, bugs, bad jokes, and tea. In his free time, Brady likes to socialize with friends, practice any one of his four saxaphones he currently posses, call his mother, contemplate all the way in which his life doesn't suck, and spend time with his roomate figuring out ways to make extremely loud noises using as little effort as possible.

Elizabeth King '16 Field Manager

Elizabeth King

Sustainability Field Manager

Elizabeth is a sophomore hailing from Portland, Oregon, who as of yet does not know what she will study at the University. Since Kindergarten, Elizabeth has wanted to be either a marin biologist or a circus performer and says that those options are still very much in the running, though in the last few years she has been getting her fix of flying by mastering the pole vault.

James Hutchinson '15

James Dalton Hutchinson

James is a Junior from Anchor Point, Alaska who is majoring in English. He is a dynamic character -- born in the year 1992, he's been growing ever since. He's obsessed with various things (sic), and can be found at the park benchh behind the library.

Melissa Marlin '15

Melissa Marlin

Melissa is a Junior from Chicago, IL who is majoring in Math and a possible dual major in Economics. She wishes she was a little bit taller, she wishes she was a baller, if she had a girl she would call her.

Devan Salter '16

Devan Salter

Devan is a Sophomore from Spanaway, Washington. He will be declaring a major in Biochemistry with minors in Math and Music. He is the bassist for Nexus (a Metal Band). When Devan graduates he would like to work in the field of forensics

Sage Haynes '17

Sage Haynes

Sage is a Freshman from Seattle, Washington who is interested in majoring in Biology and/or Politics and Government. She enjoys biking, hiking and yoga and loves any type of fruit. She auditioned for the the role of Mattie Ross in the movie "True Grit" and was a finalist.

Mariah Seller '17

Mariah Seller

Maraih is a Freshman from Minnesota and is undecided on her major, but thinking about Chemistry. Her Myers-Briggs personality is INTJ, her spirit animal is the owl from the Tootsie-Pop Lollipop commercials, and she likes to teach pigs how to sit, shake and roll-over.

Eric Hover '17

Eric Hover

Eric is a Freshman from Branson, MO who is going to major in Politics & Government with a minor in History. He is a Novice on the Men's Rowing Team and he has played piano for seven years.

Marcella Heineke '17

Marcella Heineke

Marcella is a freshman this year from River Forest, IL. She plans to major in biology and minor in Spanish. She was born in New York, New York, still has a baby tooth, she has never met another Marcella, and has ridden an elephant.

Jon Youmans '16

Jon Youmans

Jon is a Junior and a Compuiter Science Major from Traverse City, MI. He is fluent in nearly two language and makes audio recordings of rainstorms and laundromats.