Electronic Waste Recycling


Electronic waste is perhaps the most important type of waste stream in the 21st century. With the proliferation of electronics in every aspect of our lives, it is important that we are mindful of what happens to our electronics once we no longer want them. If electronics are thrown into the trash, they will end up in a municipal landfill, where the harmful chemicals and heavy metals can leach out into the soil. Not only is it important to recycle e-waste, but also to be mindful of what the recycling company does with the materials. Many times it is shipped to developing nations where children are used to separate out the valuable metals.  To learn more about e-waste recycling and its importance please click the link here or see the related pages section.

Electronic Waste On Campus

Though electronics play an important role in our lives, not many institutions (School, municipalities, cities, etc.) have robust and socially conscious electronic waste recycling practices. Fortunately, here at the University of Puget Sound we have an expansive electronic waste recycling program.

By partnering with a local vendor Green PC, the university is able to recycle more than just computers and cellphones; we are able to recycle everything from a CD to an air hockey table. We are able to do this because of our partnership with Green PC. Green PC is a "E-Cycle Washington" Vendor, meaning that it complies with Washington States  Electronic Products Recycle Rule and Washington State Department of Ecology's performance standards.

For more information on Green PC and E-Cycle Washington please see the links above or under the related pages section.

The E-Waste Campaign

Not only does Sustainability Services collect electronic waste year round but we also hold an annual electronic waste drive during Earth Week called the E-Waste Campaign. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness about electronic waste on campus, as well as to allow individuals who work or live at the University of Puget Sound to bring in electronics from their homes to be recycled. Please see the link here for more information.