Set-Ups & Moves

What are the responsibilities of the Set-Ups and Moves Department?

 The Set-Ups and Moves team is responsible for coordinating and administering the set-up of events on campus, as well as taking care of moving needs.  Some of Set-Up's and Moves' responsibilities include staging, seating, layout and location coordination, and space-clearing. The team also handles furniture moves, office or departmental moves, and long-term event moves as needed on campus.

What are some of the annual projects the Set-Ups and Moves team coordinates?

The team coordinates events such as Commencement, Homecoming, campus concerts, sporting events, department gatherings, LogJam, and Lu’au each year at the University.

What are some of the team's favorite events to coordinate and be a part of?

The Set-Ups and Moves team enjoys being a part of large events where they are challenged and get the opportunity to meet new people. They particularly enjoy setting up for large sporting events and Commencement, which they refer to as "The Show."


Please contact the Manager of Logistics, Sabrina Shepherd if you are interested in learning more about the Set-Ups and Moves Department, its responsibilities, its current or future projects, or how to get involved with the Department.