Farm to Table, Locally Owned, Locally Grown

The Diner and Students for a Sustainable Campus partner with Tahoma Farms and Terra Organics to feature fresh, local produce. Each month, the Diner showcases products from Tahoma Farms alongside Students for a Sustainable Campus in an effort to educate students and campus community members on the benefits of…

Our Local Partners

Puget Sound Dining Services is strongly committed to sourcing and offering food and beverages that are certified local and sustainably grown, harvested, produced and processed. We work with our broadline providers to continually source new options to promote this goal.  

Farm to Table

A word from the Tahoma Farmers

Ever wanted to put a face to your food? Now you can. Terra Organics is pleased to partner up with UPS for Farm to Table Week to provide you with local, organic offerings! 

Get to know your farmer
Terra Organics is a community supported agriculture business whose  mission is to bring good, healthy food to the community. We’re excited to pair up with University of Puget Sound to offer you sustainable, organic, high-quality food choices!

Think local
Terra Organics is the sister company to Tahoma Farms in Washington’s Orting Valley, just twenty miles from downtown Tacoma! 

Live green
Interested in sustainability? We are too. Terra Organics is committed to promoting sustainable living practices and Tahoma Farms is a Salmon Safe certified farm.


Meet some of our other partners:

Alki Bakery

Alki Bakery has been family owned and operated since its beginning on Seattle's Alki Beach in 1985. Alki Bakery has been voted "Favorite Bakery" by King 5 Evening Magazine subscribers; has been chosen as a finalist for "People's Pick," winning awards and accolades from local and national publications.

Café Vita

Caffé Vita’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in their purchasing standards. As global citizens, Caffé Vita shares in the concerns regarding the social and environmental conditions involved in coffee production. Their purchasing standards facilitate positive change in coffee quality and production, which benefit the health and well-being of coffee workers and their families. All coffees used at Puget Sound are Fair Trade, Direct Trade and/or shade grown.


We proudly serve the finest quality, non GMO soy tofu from our local partner Tacoma Tofu.

Most of our produce is supplied by Charlie's Produce, a local employee-owned company. Charlie’s has been buying local produce for 25 years. They have 15 conventional growers in the Puyallup/Kent/Mt. Vernon area they draw upon for local produce. They also work with 24 growers in Eastern Washington, plus numerous packing sheds.


Our dairy products come from local sources and are all hormone free:

Dining and Conference Services milk comes from Medowsweet Farms, family owned and operated since 1974 by the The Flintoff family. Medosweet farm's  support for local dairy farmers is of the highest importance. Whenever and wherever possible, Medowsweet chooses to work with local dairies to supply consumer's needs.    

 Medosweet Farms selects the finest dairies throughout Washington State to co-pack milk, heavy cream and other dairy fluids under the Medosweet Farms label.  Our partner dairies, including Smith Brothers Farms, ensure that Medosweet customers receive the finest dairy fluids available in the Pacific Northwest.  Medosweet Farms features fine butters from organizations such as Grassland and Darigold.  These fine butters have won acclaim from chefs throughout the Pacific Northwest for their superior quality and reliable consistency.  Whether it is regular, cage-free or organic eggs, Stiebrs Farms and National Food Company supply Medosweet Farms with the Northwest’s finest egg products.  These companies shell and liquid eggs are a favorite of chefs and bakers seeking the best in locally raised egg products.  Our long term partnerships with dairies such as Smith Brothers for milk and cream and Stiebrs Farms for egg products ensures that we are distributing only the freshest, locally produced dairy products.  Each of our partner farms are visited by Medosweet personnel to ensure that our customers are receiving the finest locally produced dairy products available.


Essential Baking Company

Organic breads and rolls for sandwiches are provided by the Essential Baking Company, located in Seattle. “Our goal is to bake fresh breads, pastries, crackers and desserts every day using time-honored techniques and only the best organic and natural ingredients. Every loaf, croissant and cake is crafted by skilled artisans in our Seattle bakery. And we are proud to be a locally owned company with deep roots in a community that values environmental and social responsibility.”

Gluten free/vegan bakery items from Flying Apron are made using the freshest natural ingredients that are free of harmful, unnecessary chemicals, animal products, gluten, and wheat.


One of the reasons Pinks Original Bakery pastries are so good is because they use the highest quality ingredients from right here in the Northwest. Anne and Molly have gotten to know many local farmers in the region, and today consider these growers valued partners.

Wilcox Farms

Wilcox Family Farms, located near Roy, Washington, at the foot of Mt. Rainier,

provides us with all-natural, cage-free eggs. Wilcox Family Farms has been awarded Salmon Safe certification, an emerging Pacific Northwest eco-label that recognizes farming practices that protect the health of our rivers and streams. Wilcox family Farms has committed to becoming completely cage-free.  The cage-free transition will keep your completely organic, healthy and better tasting. We plan to stay a completely organic egg producer. It's one of the reasons 500 acres of our farmland is certified organic. And our salmon-safe program keeps local salmon and nearby Nisqually River free of pesticides or harmful chemicals. It's another example of our commitment to green sustainable farming.

Please return to this website to review our updates as we continue to work together to transform, grow and improve on our campus sustainable food systems.


“Our success over the last 25 years has been the result of the hard work and passion of the people who work with us.” 
“Our success over the last 25 years has been the result of the hard work and passion of the people who work with us.”