Guidelines for Copier Use

Proper use and care of copiers is vital. The following guidelines will enhance copier reliability for all users.

Paper Jams

  • Follow the alerts on the copier screen. It will guide you to the sections that have jams.
  • Remove all paper (including small pieces) at each site.
  • Open and close doors and working parts gently.
  • If you cannot locate a jam, call x3737 and someone from Print & Copy Services will assist you.

Avoid pressing copier lids onto books—this can shatter the copier glass.

Replace copier toner when indicated. Toner is free from Print & Copy Services. We always have a supply on the shelf. You may request toner with your paper order or any time it is needed.

Avoid copying books in a manner that creates a black page edge. Black edges cause paper jams. To prevent this, mask the edges of the book with white paper or use the "non-image area erase" function on your copier.

If the copier displays a C-xxxx code and stops working:

  1. First try opening and closing the door to reset the copier.
  2. If that doesn't work:
    1. Turn off the copier.
    2. Unplug it from from the wall.
    3. Wait 15 seconds.
    4. Plug it back in.
    5. Turn it on.
  3. If this doesn't remove the C-xxxx code, call Konica Minolta service and ask for a technician. You will be asked for your copier serial number or 8-digit copier ID number.

Plug copiers directly into the wall. Do not use extension or power surge protectors.

For training on any copier on campus, call Print & Copy Services. Arrangements will be made for training sessions.

If you have questions or concerns, contact Print & Copy Services at or 253.879.3737 for assistance.