Guidelines for Departmental Copier Use

Proper use and care of copiers is vital. The following guidelines will enhance copier reliability for all users.

Paper Jams

  • Follow the alerts on the copier screen. It will guide you to the sections that have jams.
  • Remove all paper (including small pieces) at each site.
  • Open and close doors and working parts gently.
  • If you cannot locate a jam, call x3737 and someone from Print & Copy Services will assist you.

Avoid pressing copier lids onto books—this can shatter the copier glass.

Replace copier toner when indicated. Toner is free from Print & Copy Services. We always have a supply on the shelf. You may request toner with your paper order or any time it is needed.

Avoid copying books in a manner that creates a black page edge. Black edges cause paper jams. To prevent this, mask the edges of the book with white paper or use the "non-image area erase" function on your copier.

If the copier displays a C-xxxx code and stops working:

  1. First try opening and closing the door to reset the copier.
  2. If that doesn't work:
    1. Turn off the copier.
    2. Unplug it from from the wall.
    3. Wait 15 seconds.
    4. Plug it back in.
    5. Turn it on.
  3. If this doesn't remove the C-xxxx code, call Konica Minolta service and ask for a technician. You will be asked for your copier serial number or 8-digit copier ID number.

Plug copiers directly into the wall. Do not use extension or power surge protectors.

Do not place anything under copier exit trays.  This includes garbage cans, recycling bins, boxes (empty or full), reams of paper, chairs, or step stools.

For training on any copier on campus, call Print & Copy Services. Arrangements will be made for training sessions.

If you have questions or concerns, contact Print & Copy Services at or 253.879.3737 for assistance.