Meals for Summer Guests

At the University of Puget Sound, we are very proud of our dining program! Unlike many colleges and universities which have "contract" food service, we are privately owned and operated. We strive to offer a variety of choices of excellent food at reasonable prices, and our guests tell us that we are very successful at this.

Here is some general information about our summer meal program, so that you can become familiar with the choices you will have while staying with us. If you have questions about any of this, please feel free to contact us!

Meals are provided at the Diner, our facility located in Wheelock Student Center (on the campus map, look for building #52). For the majority of groups, we offer breakfast from 7 to 9 a.m., lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., and dinner from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.. If your program has arranged for different times, these will be posted in your residence hall.

Most groups are set up so that they use the following system to gain access to the Diner: each resident program participant just shows the room key and key tag at the Diner entrance. We have color coded the tags to correspond to the different residences, so have a record of which group should be eating any particular meal.

Commuting participants-as well as some residential groups-present a commuter meal ticket to enter for meals. If your group has made this arrangement for you, you will receive your passes at registration.

Guests who have not arranged for meal plans will be able to pay at the door. The cost is $8.85 for breakfast, $10.70 for lunch and $12.60 for dinner. Tax is included in these prices.

What might you expect to have for your meals? On any given day, there will be various stations (or "venues") open, each with a number of choices. We offer the following venues at varying times: Tomassito's Italian Station, Casa Ortega Mexican Station, Pacific Rim Asian Station, The Grille, and The Deli. Most stations have vegetarian options in addition to choices in regular fare. In addition to these options, you may choose options from our fresh fruit and salad bar. An assortment of desserts are offered at lunch and dinner, and at every meal, a variety of beverages (soft drinks, coffees, juices, etc.) are available.

If you have special dining needs (for example, diabetic or vegan requirements), be sure to communicate these to your program organizer, who will contact us. We are happy to make special arrangements to help accommodate you!

Some groups choose to have some or all of their meals provided by our catering department. If this is the case for your group, information on the time and location of the event(s) will be provided at registration.

We encourage you to provide us with any feedback you feel will be helpful-at any time-so that we can continue to improve our service to you. We continually strive to improve our program and the services we offer. Each year, we receive thousands of evaluations from people who have visited, and we use these comments to make changes, improve communication, and find ways to better satisfy our guests. Please feel free to email us with comments. You are also welcome to telephone the office at 253.879.3483 or fax us at 253.879.2975. We look forward to hearing your opinions on our program and services.