Getting to Campus

The University of Puget Sound is located in Tacoma, Washington, approximately 30 miles south of Seattle and 15 miles north of Olympia.

Transportation to campus (planes, trains, and automobiles)

Driving Directions
From the North
From Interstate 5, take Exit 132 and stay on the right side to head toward Gig Harbor/Bremerton/ Highway 16. Take the second exit, Union Avenue. Follow the directions below, starting with the second paragraph.

From the South
From Interstate 5, take Exit 132 to head toward Gig Harbor/Bremerton/Highway 16. Be careful; it is one of those ramps where you are trying to merge on to Highway 16, and people are trying to merge off it at the same location! Once you have merged onto Highway 16, take the next exit, Union Avenue.

Turn right at the light at the bottom of the ramp. Travel north about two miles, going straight through the light at 6th Avenue to the next light, North 11th Street (note that you will pass South 11th Street on the way to 6th Avenue; do not turn there!). At North 11th Street, you will see the football stadium on your right. Turn right, in front of the stadium, onto North 11th Street. Take the next left, North Lawrence Street, and go to the end of the street. The parking lot for Wheelock Student Center will be on your right.

If you are going to a specific building on campus other than to the Wheelock Student Center, please contact us, and we will be happy to provide directions to the specific areas you wish.

Finding the Conference Services Office
Park in the Wheelock Student Center parking lot, then look for a maroon awning on the parking lot side of the student center (south side) that says "The Cellar." Go down the steps under the awning and enter the building. During the academic year (mid-August to mid-May) the Conference Services office is through the first door on the right in Wheelock Student Center, room 001. During the summer the Conference Services office is through the third door on the left in Wheelock Student Center, room 004.

Note: If you are coming during the academic year (from mid-August to mid-May), be sure to leave yourself enough time to find a parking place. Parking is free, but there are a lot of customers taking advantage of it! You may also wish to park in the North 18th Street lot. To reach it from the Wheelock Student Center parking lot, drive through the lot, keeping the Student Center on your left. Continue through the parking lot until you reach Alder Street; turn left. Go up one street to the flashing light, North 15th Street, and turn left. Proceed to the stop sign and turn right; the parking lot will be just ahead on the right. There is almost always parking in that location, no matter what time of day and time of year it is.

Disabled Access
Park in the Wheelock Student Center lot in the spaces on the south side of the building and enter through the door on the southwest side of the building (to the left as you face the building with the parking lot at your back). Turn to your left as you go in the door, then go down the hallway to the lobby. In front of you in the lobby is the Information Center. Turn right to go past the entrance to the Diner (you will see it on your right). As you reach the next wall, turn right again so that you see a hallway on your left, a stairway just after that, the restrooms on your right, and a doorway and vending machine in front of you. Turn left just in front of the vending machine and you will see the elevator. Take it down to the basement level, then follow the hallways back as if you were retracing your route but one level down. (Straight out of the elevator, right at the first place you have to turn, left just after that, left at the first place you can turn, and down that hallway.) Dining and Conference Services is at the end of the long hallway, the last door on the left.