Lukas Perry

Lukas Perry graduated from the University of Puget Sound with a double major in music and math. Having studied music for twelve years, his interests span piano and organ playing, music theory and history, and piano accompanying. In previous years, Lukas has been the piano accompanist for the university's Dorian Singers, Chorale, and Adelphian Concert Choir. He attended the Marrowstone Music Festival in Bellingham where he played in master class, chamber music ensembles, and orchestra. Puget Sound awarded him a Summer Research Grant in the Humanities to study the historical transition between modal music and tonal music. Lukas currently serves as the organist and choir accompanist at St. John's Episcopal Church in Gig Harbor.

Lukas has a firm foundation in piano technique, teaching, and musicianship. He says: "I desire to cultivate not only piano playing but also a joy for music. I work to tailor my teaching program to the individual needs of my students."