Off-Campus Work-Study

"I worked in the Broadway Center Box Office as a sophomore through the work-study program.

I remember the first day I interviewed at the Broadway Center…I was immediately in awe and felt so lucky to have the opportunity.

Several months after graduation, I was hired for a full-time position as Box Office Assistant Manager. Over the next few years, my role in the organization changed many times—from Box Office Manager, to Marketing & Communications Manager, to Associate Director of Marketing, and now Marketing Director. And it's all because of that initial work-study job."

Lacey (Leffler) Wright '03 Art/Design Major


Washington State residents have the opportunity to participate in off-campus work-study.

What are the benefits of Off-Campus Work-Study?

Gain practical experience in your field of study.
Apply classroom knowledge, try out career areas of interest, and build your resume.

Get involved in the community.
Many of the employers are non-profit and community service agencies.

Get a head start building your network.
Employers can be important networking contacts and will often serve as references.

Get your foot in the door.
Some employers are able to offer permanent positions to students after graduation.

What types of opportunities are available through the Off-Campus Work-Study program?

American Red Cross:
Administrative or Marketing Assistant
Tacoma Musical Playhouse:
Production Assistant
United Way:
Information and Referral Specialist
Tacoma Community House:
Computer Lab Tutor
Broadway Center for Performing Arts:
Education Department Assistant
Children’s Museum of Tacoma:
Play Guide/Docent
University Place School District:
Business Services Assistant
Clinic of Orthopedic and Sports PT:
Physical Therapy Aide