Part-time, Summer, and Seasonal Jobs

At a recent CES staff meeting, we all sat down in a computer lab to look for part-time job postings. After only 5 minutes, the 10-member CES team had found more than 50 postings for part-time positions in Tacoma and across the country. That's an average of at least 1 job found per minute per person!

How'd we find so many jobs so quickly? We used Google to search for "part-time jobs, Tacoma" and Google Maps using "98415, part-time jobs." Some of us visited and searched with "part-time" and location "Tacoma." Others of us went to job boards we knew and narrowed the search to part-time jobs. The result of these searches linked to job postings with Home Depot, Key Bank, AT&T Wireless, Tacoma Metro Parks, Macys, and more. So what are you waiting for? Dive in!

CES tips for finding part-time, summer, and seasonal jobs
Check out the Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Network for employers of interest. Alumni were once Puget Sound students who have now successfully transitioned to the world of work and are interested in helping you do the same. Remember, ASK members don't necessarily hire for their organization—they can't simply offer you a job or internship—but they may be able to offer valuable tips about the hiring process. Log in to Cascade to access the ASK Network.

Looking for ways to tap into local organizations? Try the on-line business directory of the local Chamber of Commerce or the Book of Lists for a variety of major US cities (Log in to Cascade to access the Book of Lists via the Business Lists resource).

Use InternshipLink to search for summer internships. If you haven't already done so, log in (per the instructions listed here) to complete your profile and change your password. Then, look for the "internships" tab to start your search. The "advanced search" tab provides you with the widest range of search options. (To narrow your search geographically, use a zip code search. This is a great way to identify local opportunities across the nation, both in NIC or any other web search.)

Think about businesses you frequent to buy clothes, shop for groceries, eat out, bank, and get your hair cut, etc. Next time you're in, ask if they're hiring. If you're a regular customer, you have an advantage because you already have some familiarity with their wares and services. If they aren't hiring, go ahead and ask if they know of anyone who is. (Even if they don't have any leads for you, you've just practiced your networking skills!)

CES Resources/Services
Individual appointments with a CES staff member
Call or visit CES to schedule an appointment with one of our staff members who can help you devise a summer job search action plan specific to your individual goals.

CES Part-Time On-Campus Job Board
On-campus, non work-study jobs are posted on the bulletin boards in the hallway outside of CES (Howarth 101). Jobs are posted as they become available, and all the information you need to apply is listed. Check back often, as positions fill quickly.

This searchable database of part-time, full-time, seasonal and temporary jobs is located on Cascade with other CES Exclusive Career Resources for students. LoggerJobs is comprised of opportunities offered by neighborhood families, local businesses, and national employers.

Summer/Seasonal Job Sites
American Camp Association provides resources to help connect with a variety of summer camps nationwide.

Looking for opportunities on a sustainable farm? Wilderness therapy? Or how about working at a Buddhist retreat? features experiences that will take you off the beaten path. specializes in summer camp jobs in the U.S., Canada, and beyond. lists a wide range of seasonal jobs.

Research summer camps and programs across the U.S. and internationally at is a one-stop portal for federal government employment opportunities. connects candidates with nationwide opportunities at camps, resorts, amusement parks, hotels, and more.

Industries that regularly hire part-time or seasonal help:
Google and other Internet search engines can help you connect with a variety of specific opportunities. The following list includes employers who typically have part-time, summer, or seasonal job openings.

Working as a camp counselor may be a fun summer job, and also a way to build experience if you have interest in a career that involves working with children. Pay may not be very high, but room and board are often included.

Entertainment, Resorts, and Recreation
Theme parks, casinos, resorts, golf courses, and other recreation centers require large numbers of staff members in order to operate. Positions such as lifeguards, ground care crews, entertainers, tour guides, wait staff, housekeepers and more may be available.

Financial Institutions
Positions in banks can provide excellent pay and flexible hours. Many local banks hire for part-time or summer teller positions.

Fitness Clubs
Fitness clubs often hire individuals to perform a wide range of tasks including reception, child care, cleaning, etc. Aerobics instructor and lifeguard/swim instructor positions may also be available for qualified individuals.

Food and Beverage Industry
Food service jobs extend beyond wait staff. Other positions include bus person, cook, host/hostess, dishwasher, cashier, bartender, manager.

Government (local, state, federal)
Government positions may include office work, construction work (road crews), and city recreation work (lifeguards, maintenance crews, etc.). Some cities run convention centers (such as the Greater Tacoma Convention Center) which may provide opportunities for a wide-range of part-time jobs.

Grocery Stores (including Costco)
Local grocery stores are often hiring clerks and baggers. Other options might include working in the deli, decorating cakes, stocking shelves, and more.

Health Care
Many health care positions may be volunteer positions, but you might be able to find paid opportunities as well. Some paid positions may include working as a lab technician, providing custodial work in a health care clinic, or leading activities for residents in a retirement community. If a career in health care appeals to you, this might be a way to test it out and gain valuable experience.

Hotels regularly seek individuals with an interest in customer service to staff their front desks but other available positions may involve food service, housekeeping, and other maintenance positions.

National & State Parks
If working outdoors interests you, consider working for a state or national park. The U.S. Department of the Interior oversees national parks while the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission oversees Washington State Parks. Available positions may include working as a seasonal park ranger, assisting with a conservation project, or serving as a lifeguard.

Retail positions are often available and may carry perks such as employee discounts. (If it's a clothing store, you might be able to build a professional wardrobe on a budget!) Many retail positions are available during winter holiday times as well.

Temporary Agencies
Temporary agencies assist employers with finding temporary or part-time staff members to fill available positions. Many temporary positions involve clerical work, but there are also more specialized agencies focusing on health care, technology, etc.