One great resource to explore career fields in your major is the Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) network. Alumni are glad to speak with you about their careers. Try searching by major (Music) or by career field (Fine Arts-Music) and see what some alumni Music majors are doing. Here are examples of career destinations of alumni Music majors:


  • Associate Broker, Keller Williams Realty
  • En Route Air Traffic Controller, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Music Manager, EGM Inc.
  • Field Physical Damage Appraiser, USAA InsuranceCompany


  • Orchestra Teacher, Tumwater School District
  • Music Teacher, Federal Way School District


  • Resident Director, Whitman College
  • Puget Sound Youth Initiative Manager, American Cancer Society
  • Director of Music Ministries, St. Mark's Lutheran Church

Research Potential Careers

Research will give you confidence in your career choice and provide you will the competitive edge when job searching. Career and Employment services have numerous materials to help you in this process.

Check out some of the titles in the Career Resource Library in Howarth 101:

  • Great Jobs for Music Majors by Jan Goldberg
  • Career Opportunities in the Music Industry by Shelly Field
  • Opportunities in Music Careers by Robert Gerardi.

General Information

Professional Associations

Know Your Skills

Creative: Composing and interpreting music, understanding and applying music theory, mastering the discipline of the voice or instrument

Communication: Speaking and writing clearly, interpersonal communication, marketing

Organizational: Collaborating with others, networking, planning and executing a performance

Networking Works!

One of the most powerful tools for investigating career options is informational interviewing. Informational interviews provide the means to meet people in the career fields which interest you. To find people to interview, start with those people you know and list your natural network of contacts.

  • Family and their Friends
  • Friends and their Family
  • Volunteer affiliations such as clubs, church, and community organizations
  • Puget Sound Alumni
  • Professionals in the Community

You will gain valuable information to help in deciding your major and possible career path. Also, you will begin to develop networking contacts for your future job search. Since only about 10 percent of existing jobs are filled through want ads, learning to network is a critical skill for a successful career search. At Career and Employment Services, we can help you hone your networking skills.

Investigate Internship Possibilities

Below are some examples of the internship possibilities listed in Career and Employment Services. See the internship coordinator to learn how internships may be linked to your academic program for credit.

Opus 7 Vocal Ensemble
Administrative Intern

Northwest Sinfonietta
Orchestra Office Assistant

Tacoma Opera
Special Event Intern

The Recording Academy
Recording Industry Intern

The Seattle Opera
Music Library Inter

Job Search Tools

There are numerous tools available to aide you in finding a job, both on the internet and in Career and Employment Services. With Career andEmployment Services behind you, you've got the tools you need when it comes to looking for a job.

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