Career Assessment Resources

Overwhelmed by the prospect of finding a career? Wish there was some way to filter through the options? Career assessments can help you jump-start the process by giving you insight into your personality, interests, skills, and values. CES offers several resources to help.

Self-Directed Assessment
Interest in taking the first step on your own?

Career Cruising provides a simple self-assessment of career interests and skills, plus an online information tool about a wide range of occupations. Though Career Cruising is designed as a self-guided tool, you may still choose to meet with a CES advisor to discuss the results or follow up with a professionally-interpreted assessment.

CES recommends Career Cruising as a way to explore career fields and occupations.

Professionally-Interpreted Assessments
Interested in meeting with a CES advisor as part of your assessment process? Or seeking assessments that provide a greater depth of analysis than can be offered through self-guided tools?

You'll still take these assessments online at your convenience (see the boxes at the bottom of the page for instructions), but your results will be provided during a meeting with a career counselor. The career advisor will interpret your results and can help you develop an individualized plan of action.

Strong Interest Inventory (SII)
Discover occupations that connect with your interests: the Strong Interest Inventory measures interests in broad areas, breaks them down into more specific topics, and compares those interests to professionals in a variety of occupations.

CES recommends the SII for students seeking information on potential career options.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
Identify your preferences in how you process information, make decisions, and interact with the world. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assesses personality and is one of the most well-known career assessments available today.

CES recommends the MBTI to help students identify best-fit work environments, strategies for interacting with co-workers, and components that can lead to satisfying careers.

Next Steps
After completing assessments, explore career fields that emerged in the results:

  • Check out books from the CES Career Resource Library to learn more about the occupations, or go more deeply into the assessment tool results—the book “Do What You Are” is a great follow-up to the MBTI.
  • Research the specific occupations using Career Cruising—explore work environments, career paths, and interviews of various people who work in those fields.
  • Contact alumni in the ASK Network who work in the specific occupations or broad career fields to get a first-hand perspective.

Accessing Professionally-Interpreted Assessments

The SII and the MBTI cost $5 per assessment ($10 for alumni) to pay for the individualized report you’ll receive.

Please take care of the fees when you schedule your interpretation so the advisor can prepare in advance for your appointment.

1. Each assessment takes approximately 1/2 an hour, so be sure to allow enough time.

2. Take the MBTI and SII online:
    Account Login: pugetsoundcareer
    Password: assessment

3. Follow the directions on the screen. Note: Do not take the “Skills Confidence Inventory.”

4. Schedule a one-hour appointment with a CES Career Advisor to discuss the results.


It's best to take assessments when you are comfortable and alert. (Taking it an hour before a big test, or after an all-nighter, or when you're in a bad mood may skew your results.)