Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Network FAQ

What changed occurred during the ASK system upgrade?
The ASK database was updated and moved to the Alumni Online Community, LOGGER[net]. This makes it easier for alumni to access and self-managed their ASK profiles, which translates into improved data for students to search. New search fields were added, like postgraduate study, career tips, and more!

How many ASK Volunteers are there?
At last count, there were over 2800 ASK Volunteers. You can see an exact count of ASK volunteers at the top of the search page. If you know alumni who aren't listed, send them this link and invite them to join!

Why don't I see more results when I search?
Not all alumni have had an opportunity to populate new fields added during the system upgrade, so some searches—especially those related to graduate school—may not produce very many alumni listings. For the most results, use the least number of search criteria. For instance, try searching for anyone who attended grad school, rather than for a specific school in a specific field.

Can I use ASK after I graduate?
ASK Online, along with all other CES Exclusive Career Resources, are available for use by University of Puget Sound students while they attend Puget Sound, and for one year following graduation. After you graduate, you can also access ASK Online through LOGGER[net], the alumni online community. (And hopefully, you'll join and share your own experience with future generations of Loggers!)

Can I use ASK to contact Puget Sound alumni I'd like to do business with?
No. This is a violation of the ASK Privacy and Terms of Use Policy. The ASK Network is to be used exclusively for the purpose of career exploration.  

Why is the Major field blank for some alumni on the Search results page?
Some alumni have multiple majors, and some have majors from institutions other than Puget Sound. When you search for alumni by major, the system searches across multiple fields (all the fields that contain majors), but can only display one. If the field is blank, it means that the alum has that major, but it is not in the field that the system displays. To see the individual’s major, click on their profile for more information.

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