Logger Parents

Your parents...parents of your friends and classmates...Logger parents want to help Puget Sound students achieve their career goals. Tap into the advice and networking connections Logger parents can offer!

Connecting with Parents

Think about how invested your parents are in your career exploration. What if you could tap into the enthusiasm of other supportive, encouraging adults—parents of fellow Loggers—to leverage their expertise and networks? You can!

Read: Parent Career Path Profiles
Parents Council Career Development Committee members share information about their professional experiences and offer advice about their career fields.

Get Tips: Professional networking online
LinkedIn has been called "Facebook for professionals." But professional networking sites like LinkedIn expect members to interact—no surprise—with a sense of professionalism. Use these tips to navigate the Puget Sound Parents LinkedIn Group and other professional networking sites.

Connect online: Puget Sound Parents LinkedIn Group
Puget Sound parents have careers spanning a wide range of fields. And they want to help Puget Sound students achieve their career goals. The Puget Sound Parents LinkedIn Group—exclusive to current Puget Sound parents and students—provides you with ready access to this well-connected collection of professionals.

Once you've created a LinkedIn profile, you can join the group and pose questions, learn from articles and resources shared by members, and network with parents working in career fields of interest.

Connect in person: Project Hometown
The Puget Sound bubble just expanded! This summer, you're invited to meet and mingle with executives and professionals—Logger parents and their network of contacts—who are eager to offer advice and leads...to help you expand your job and internship opportunities. Not living in a Project Hometown city this summer? Road trip!