***First-time users: Puget Sound students are pre-registered in the InternshipLink system. For instant access, bypass the "Register" button at the login screen and follow the "Initial Login Instructions" below.

Through InternshipLink, students have access to two databases of internship listings: Nationwide Internships Consortium (NIC) and the Liberal Arts Career Network (LACN).

With InternshipLink, Puget Sound students can:

  • Access thousands of regional and national internship opportunities.
  • Save your favorite searches and receive alerts of new postings with Saved Searches.
  • In some cases you can apply online.

Initial Login Instructions:

  1. Do not click "Register."
  2. Where it says "Log In," enter your full address as both your username and your password, and select "Go."
  3. Complete the Personal, Academic, and Privacy sections of your Profile. Please do not change your username or your email address. We use email addresses both to identify Puget Sound students using InternshipLink and to communicate with them. So, as you complete your profile, it is important to continue to use your email address, and not a Gmail, Yahoo, or any other account.*
  4. Change your password in the “Password/Preferences” section of your Profile.
  5. Start searching NIC & LACN for internship opportunities!

Click here to enter InternshipLink to complete your student registration and search for internship opportunities.

*Privacy Notice: Current students' email addresses have been uploaded to the system to make your access easier. Information you add to your profile is accessible only by NIC/LACN administrators at Puget Sound and its partner institutions and will not be used for any purposes other than those related to managing access.

You may receive occasional system messages (e.g., asking you to confirm your email address to ensure secure access) but no information will be shared with any other outside parties. Also know that we will never ask for your password. If in doubt, contact CES.

As always, students are encouraged to use caution when uploading documents containing personally identifying information (resumes, cover letter, transcript information, list of references, etc.) into this or any other job/internship search database.

Have questions, or want a guided tour of InternshipLink? Drop by CES in Howarth 101 for a demonstration.

If you don’t find anything that is a match for your interests, or if you find your dream internship and want to make sure that you have stand-out application materials…take advantage of the CES team. We’re here to help you find and successfully compete for opportunities. Use our drop-in hours M-F for a 10-minute mini session, or call 253.879.3161 to schedule an appointment.

To switch between NIC and LACN:

When you log in to InternshipLink, you automatically start out in the NIC database. To move between the databases, look for the LACN and NIC logos. From the “jump back to your school” menu on the right, click on the LACN logo to switch, and the NIC logo to return.