Reference Files

Every Puget Sound student and graduate has the opportunity to create and manage a Reference File account through Interfolio.

What is a Reference File?
What is Interfolio?

Opening an account

Confidential vs. Non-Confidential

Managing Your Documents
Sending Your Documents
Account and Delivery Fees

What is a Reference File?
Reference files are often requested by employers or graduate schools as a part of the application process.

Traditional contents include:
• At least three reference letters
• Resume

Can also include:
• Test Scores
• Writing Samples
• Other supporting materials

What is Interfolio?
Interfolio is a secure, web-based tool that allows people to store, manage and send electronic and print reference files.

• 24/7 access to your secure account
• 250 MB storage (hundreds of documents)
• Unlimited customer support
• Confidential and non-confidential options
• Variety of delivery methods

Opening an Account
Create your account
Note: Primary Institution Affiliation is University of Puget Sound.
• Pay the annual account fee
Note: Includes document storage, scanning and uploading services, and unlimited customer support.

Confidential vs. Non-Confidential Documents
When opening an account with Interfolio, you can decide for each document to remain confidential or non-confidential. According to the terms of the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), you have the right to access your documents unless you choose to waive that right. Waiving your right to see these letters is a permanent decision. Some employers require confidential documents as there may be a perception that they carry more weight or that the letter writer may be more candid. It is important to ascertain employer preferences and complete your application accordingly. Regardless of whether you choose a confidential or non-confidential document, the key element is choosing references who know you well and can attest to your talents, skills and abilities. It is always advisable to ask your letter writer if he/she could write a letter in strong support of your candidacy.

Managing Your Documents
Every file you put into your Interfolio account is available online through your secure account. You can store any document that you need: letters of reference, transcripts, evaluations, writing samples, etc. You will have 24/7 access to these files. Your account allows for the storage of up to 250 MB of documents, which equals to hundreds of documents.

Adding documents to your account:
Interfolio offers several options for adding documents to your account including scanning hard copies as well as uploading electronic versions of documents. 

Sending Your Documents
Interfolio offers several delivery methods and pricing from electronic document packages to overnight USPS delivery and everything in between.

Account and Delivery Fees
Account Maintenance: Interfolio offers several account options from one to five years worth of access with each having the option to be extended at the conclusion of the term. Each account option includes the scanning and uploading of paper documents, 250 MB of online storage and unlimited customer support.

Note: Letter writer accounts can be created at no charge. Documents can be added to a Letter Writer account in response to a letter writing request made by a paid Interfolio File holder.

Delivery Fees: Interfolio offers multiple delivery methods from electronic document packages to overnight USPS delivery and everything in between.

Note: There is no charge for a letter writer to submit a letter to Interfolio on behalf of a file holder.

Once your account access has expired, Interfolio will store your documents for up to 5 years. You can at any point during that time renew your access to the account. Updating your reference file annually is recommended to ensure effectiveness.