Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Network

The ASK Network is a group of over 2800 Puget Sound graduates who have volunteered to share information with students and alumni about career options and postgraduate study. Current students, faculty, and other alumni can search online and connect with ASK members who may have inside knowledge of specific career options. ASK members may offer specific advice about employers or graduate school admission, or more general advice on career planning and how to make the most of a Puget Sound education. The ASK Network database is only a click away for students and faculty through their Cascade accounts.

Use ASK to build a web of connections among students and alumni:

  • Encourage your students to use ASK to research careers and graduate schools, and network with alumni.
  • Forge relationships with alumni from your department by inviting them to join the ASK Network. It’s easy for your alumni contacts to join and self-manage their profiles via LOGGER[net], Puget Sound’s online alumni community.
  • Help keep the ASK Network accurate. If you notice information in the database that isn't current, invite the alumnus/a to update their profile. It's a nice excuse to re-connect with that individual, and having accurate information makes the network a more useful tool for current students.

Benefits of the ASK online system…

Students can:

  • Easily access ASK via Cascade
  • View detailed alumni profiles including graduate schools, career fields, job tips, and more
  • Customize searches  

 Alumni can:

  • Easily access and manage their ASK Profile information via LOGGER[net]
  • Check to see how often their profile has been viewed
  • Choose how and with whom they want to engage

ASK has recently been redesigned, with new search fields added. Many fields are not yet densely populated. We suggest that users perform broad searches initially (e.g. major) to yield the maximum results. As alumni fill in the new fields, searches will become more productive. Encourage current ASK members to update their profiles, and invite new alumni to join so that ASK will be more and more useful to the campus community.

Joining ASK is the single most important way alumni can connect with students who need their career support--ASK makes it easy for your alumni contacts to engage.


ASK Online is in Cascade!

ASK Online and other exclusive resources for students are available through the Career and Employment Services (CES) link in Cascade. We encourage you to promote these resources to your students and urge you to invite your alumni contacts to register in LOGGER[net] and join the ASK Network.

Join us for ASK Night!

Each fall, alumni return to campus to network one-on-one with students, answer questions, and offer advice about career paths, graduate school, and life after Puget Sound.

Faculty, we invite you to join the festivities. ASK Night is a great way for you to re-connect with past students, and to facilitate networking between current students and alumni. 

The list of alumni attendees is posted here. Please encourage alumni participate!