Career and Employment Services (CES) is here for you!

CES supports students as they align themselves with opportunities leading to creative, productive, and satisfying professional lives.

Get to know CES!

Students are on their career path from the moment they arrive on campus. CES supports students with timely, comprehensive, customized resources for wherever they are in their career development process.

A unique approach to career development

CES bridges the gap between part-time and career-related pursuits. Students often begin college focused on part-time employment rather than career-related pursuits. CES integrates all internship, job (part-time, full-time, on-campus, off-campus, summer), and career planning resources. Students benefit from this alignment of part-time and post-graduation job resources in a variety of ways:

  • Early exposure to career resources. By the time students are considering career decisions, they've already engaged with the people and resources available to help them make a plan. They are more comfortable reaching out for assistance and taking advantage of career information and services.
  • Valuable experience. An on-campus job may be a student's first interaction with the world of work. CES supports campus supervisors to train, mentor, and professionally develop their student staff members.
  • Emphasis on the significance of campus jobs and early work makes those experiences more meaningful and marketable for students. CES coaches students as they reflect on those experiences and articulate their growth so that they can prepare to position themselves as employees of choice after graduation. 

Career support is simple, accessible, individualized. We help students perfect resumes, practice interviewing skills, and devise personalized strategies for career development or a job search. Our three-step career planning outline supports students at every stage in their career development, from assessing their interests and exploring options to deciding on a plan of action, whether that be for a summer internship or a full-time career position.

Strategic programming helps students explore potential career paths, connect with employers and alumni, prepare for professional situations, and more. Distinctive partnerships, opportunities, and resources include: 

Faculty Partnerships...
Students often look to faculty members when it comes to envisioning life beyond Puget Sound. CES' Academic Liaison meets with academic departments to develop targeted career resources. In recent semesters we've collaborated with departments to create and arrange:

  • Custom coursework for career-related topics (internship/job search strategies, assessments, resumes)
  • Networking events tailored to a particular industry (ex. Technology, Non-Profit, Government) with recruiters, HR specialists, or other professionals in the field
  • Classroom visits to assist with career planning (from first-year advising classes to senior seminars)
  • Alumni speakers for Career Path Panels related to a specific major
  • Major-specific resume guide

Puget Sound's long-standing tradition of alumni-student career mentoring...
A robust network of alumni share information with students about career and education options beyond Puget Sound, and help connect students with opportunities.

  • Alumni are uniquely qualified to represent the potential of Puget Sound students to their employers. CES partners with alumni to connect students with job and internship opportunities. 
  • CES actively engages alumni in career events and activities, providing students with exposure to career professionals from a variety of fields.
    • Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Night, an annual networking reception featuring a broad range of alumni, celebrated 30 years of alumni-to-student connections in 2015.
    • Take a Logger to Work events connect students with established professionals (alumni and parents) for half-day shadowing experiences—offering an engaging and realistic taste of what aspiring young professionals might encounter on the job.
    • Logger Meetups provide a relaxed environment for students and alumni to share ideas and exchange information about specific career fields.

Continuous outreach...
Students have timely, easy access to events and resources uniquely tailored for them, including customized group programs. We meet students where they are, whether online, in the diner, or across campus:

Internship opportunities

Nearly half of Puget Sound students participate in at least one internship.
Over 15,000 regional and national opportunities are listed annually in Puget Sound's internship database, InternshipLink. CES career advisors can help students identify and compete for opportunities, regardless of the student's interest.

Internship Spotlights:
King County Wastewater Treatment Facility
National Public Radio 
Novo Nordisk 
Russell Investments 
Tacoma Dome 
Tacoma Rainiers
Tacoma Rescue Mission
Tacoma Weekly Newspaper
TroppoVero Studios 
Viacom/Comedy Central
Washington International Trade Association
Washington State Legislature

First jobs and entrepreneurial pursuits

With a deep commitment to service and sustainability and a penchant for starting their own businesses, Puget Sound graduates are poised to make a difference.

Selected organizations where recent grads have been offered employment include:

Allen Institute for Brain Science
Amnesty International
American Red Cross
Brooks Running
Hitachi Consulting
LGC Geotechnical
Lockheed Martin
National Public Radio
Pacific Science Center
Peace Corps
Russell Investments
Spanish Ministry of Education
Stratos Geonomics
Tableau Software

Here's a small sampling of local alumni-owned/founded businesses:
Design Sophisticate
Bellysock LLC
Dande Company
Cocoa Velvet chocolates
The Green Cape Cod Bed & Breakfast
Heather's Tummy Care
JayRay communications
Mathie Pottery
Stemlit Growers
Wingman Brewers