CES Weekly Table

No time to visit CES in Howarth 101? Swing by the Weekly Table!
CES team members are on hand to answer your career queries over the noon hour each Wednesday in the SUB. Drop by to say hello, learn about various career topics, and answer our question of the week to compete for weekly and annual prizes.

Hints to help you win a weekly prize:
1. Write legibly. We can’t emphasize this enough.
2. Only enter once per week. Multiple entries are disqualified.
3. If you don’t know the answer, guess anyway!

What's the Grand Prize?
One student* with the highest number of weekly visits for the entire academic year will win a bag o' swag (from Career Fair employers), plus a $50 gift certificate to the Puget Sound bookstore!

*In the event of a two-way tie, the gift certificate will be split between the two winners. If 3 or more students tie, the tie will be broken by reviewing answers to trivia questions—the individual with the most correct answers will be named the single Grand Prize Winner.

Grand Prize Winners:
2012/13: Jacob Gellman
2011/12: Stephanie Bednarz (tie)
2011/12: Elizabeth Popenuck (tie)
2010/11: Stephanie Baugh
2009/10: Stephanie Baugh
2008/09: Kala Jones
2007/08: Kala Jones
2006/07: Taylor Anderson
2005/06: Elizabeth Smith

When is the next Weekly Table? Check the CES Career Events Calendar for dates.