Project Hometown

The Puget Sound Bubble just EXPANDED!

Summer 2014 - Networking in Portland and San Diego

Puget Sound students and 2013/14 Puget Sound graduates, you're invited to meet and mingle with well-connected professionals from a wide range of fields—Logger parents and their network of contacts—who are eager to offer advice and help you expand your job and internship prospects.

Not living in a Project Hometown city this summer?
Two words: Road. Trip!

Project Hometown 2014 is scheduled for Sunday, June 22 in Portland (3-5 p.m.) and San Diego/La Jolla (5-7 p.m.)

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Bring your questions and curiosity, and have fun chatting with a group of Logger-friendly professionals!

Light refreshments will be provided. Savvy casual attire is recommended.

See what students say about the event.

Here are brief bios and LinkedIn profiles for some of the wonderful Portland and San Diego Hometown professionals you'll have the opportunity to meet:


Even if you don’t see anyone whose career field specifically matches your interests, established professionals are well-connected. Likely, they can introduce you to someone who does fit your area of interest.

San Diego

What students say about the Hometown event:

"All of the people I talked to were extremely friendly and shared valuable advice."

"It is a great, friendly environment for networking and getting ideas for my future."

"As a recent graduate, every single networking opportunity is essential to opening more doors for our future."

"The information I received was incredibly helpful; and it was awesome to hear about people's job experiences who had the same major that I did."

"I appreciated the diversity of professionals and their honesty and advice."

"I enjoyed seeing friends/acquaintances from school and meeting the professionals. The atmosphere was casual and made networking comfortable."


Thank you to the Puget Sound Parents Council Career Development Committee for partnering with Career and Employment Services to support Puget Sound students.

Unsure of what you want to do after college? 2013 grads offer this advice:

“Take time to explore. Talk to people about what they do and why they do it and how they got there.”

“Get a good idea of the different paths you can take! There isn't just one option, no matter what you get your degree in.”

“Don't be afraid to ask questions—talk to alumni, parents, friends of your parents—to see what opinions, knowledge and ideas they have.”

Ready to seek opportunities? Here is what recent grads say about the importance of networking:

“If I had to do it over again, I’d work harder to forge connections in the industries I was interested in rather than troll the internet for open positions. The latter is productive, but establishing a contact that can look out for you is invaluable.”

“Do not underestimate the power of networking. Network as much as possible. It's all about networking.”

“Network, network, network. Knowing somebody can (and does) make all the difference when applying for positions.”

Puget Sound Parents Nationwide...

Unable to attend the Summer Networking Event? Puget Sound parents across the country are also willing to connect with you! Read profiles and connect with parents to learn more about their career path.

Parents Council Career Development Committee

Career Development volunteers consult on career-related issues identified by CES and promote the hiring of Puget Sound students in jobs and internships.