From Netscape and Mozilla to tech start-ups...

From Principal Engineer of Netscape to founder of numerous successful technology start-ups, including (the developer of Firefox), Mr. Lloyd Tabb P’14 has designed, built, and led a multitude of large-scale projects—many of which have reshaped the way we use technology today. Come meet Lloyd…

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Tech Industry Titan

Monday, February 13, 2012
4–5 p.m.
Thompson Hall 391

Ever wonder what working at a technology firm is really like?

Has the thought of launching a tech start-up crossed your mind?

Want to learn about the venture capital funding process?

If you have ever used the Firefox web browser you will not want to miss this rare opportunity to meet one of its founders.

Tech Entrepreneurship

Did you miss Mr. Tabb talking about what's involved with launching a tech start-up in Silicon Valley? Check out this recording of his presentation.