Careers In...

The Careers In series spotlights career options in various fields and features professionals currently working in those fields. Learn more about potential career paths and get advice from real people who’ve “been there and done that!”

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Here's a sample of previous events:
Area & Ethnic Studies 
Arts, Design, and Theatre 
Biotech Startup
Chemisty - Biotech/Pharmaceutical
Communications and English
Creative Fields
Education: Classroom and Beyond
Environmental Careers
Financial Services
Foreign Services & International Health
Gender Studies (Virtual)
Green Careers
Investment Banking
Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations
Math & Computer Science
Politics & Government
Public Service
Renewable Energy
Sales & Marketing
Science & Environment
Scientific Research
Student Affairs
Sustainability and Environmental Consulting
Tech Industry
Television Programming
Writing (Virtual)

Here's what students are saying about Careers In:

"I found the panelists very interesting and charismatic. They all seemed very genuine and did a great job answering questions."
"One of the panelists described her college experience and interests, and they matched almost identically with mine!"
"The speakers were great. It was a nice variety of professions and perspectives."
"I loved hearing from the alumni that they didn't know what they wanted to do after graduation…I'm not the only one!"
"The topic was broad, yet also addressed my very specific interests."
"Hearing alumni speak about their experiences is just valuable, even if the major or career field isn't the same as yours, especially if you aren't sure what you plan on doing. I look forward to more of these programs!"