Career Fair: Sept. 29, 2016

You're welcome to attend the Career Fair just to browse, and you'll make the best impression if you preview the list of organizations* and prepare.

Fall Career Fair (& LinkedIn Photo Booth)
Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016
4:30-6:30 p.m. (LinkedIn Photo Booth runs 5-6:00)
Wheelock Student Center, Marshall Hall
Pre-register and bring your Logger ID card for fastest entry!

Visit our LinkedIn Photo Booth at the Fair to have a professional-looking headshot taken for your LinkedIn profile!

Extended walk-in advising hours are offered prior to the Fair. Check the calendar for details.

What's the purpose of the Career Fair?
What types of opportunities are available?
Who should attend?    
Make the most of the Fair!
Pre-register to speed your entry into the Fair.
Which organizations are attending?* 
Why isn't _____ at the Fair?
How do I connect with employers that don't attend?
CESblog: Before you go...
CESblog: After the fair...

*Between Fairs, the list from the previous event is displayed so you can see the types of organizations that might attend the next Fair.

Check out our Storify about the previous Fair!

What's the purpose of the Career Fair?
There is no substitute for an old-fashioned handshake. The Career Fair provides an opportunity for Puget Sound students and recent grads to meet employers face-to-face, make contacts, explore career options, and inquire about available internships and entry-level jobs.

What types of opportunities are available?
Because every job is part of your career path, the Career Fair brings to campus employers with a variety of opportunities. Part-time, full-time, and seasonal jobs and internships are all available. Peruse the Participant List* to see which organizations are offering which specific types of opportunities. *Typically, around 30 organizations register by the day of the Fair. The list is updated as organizations register, so check back often!

Who should attend the Career Fair?
Whether it's your first or your final year on campus, and regardless of your major, you can benefit from attending the Career Fair!

Undeclared? Get ideas for careers you might pursue and find out what majors enter that field.

Considering an internship or summer job? Many employers have internship programs or seasonal opportunities. (A short-term experience with an employer can give you great insight into that field.)

Not graduating this year? Since there is no pressure to land a job, you can get comfortable introducing yourself to employers and practice asking them questions.

Graduating this year? Prepare ahead of time by researching the employers who are participating and by using the Career Fair tips. Dress nicely, bring your resume and make a great first impression with your handshake and may walk away with an interview!

EVERYBODY! The more students who attend the Career Fair, the more attractive Puget Sound is to potential employers.

Why isn't _____ at the Fair?
A wide range of recruiters attend the Fair, and there are also likely to be organizations of interest to you who don't attend.

Most organizations that attend the Fair are eager to hire Puget Sound students regardless of their major because you're building the communications, critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, and other skills they're seeking. If your dream employer isn't there, we encourage you to attend anyway—it's great networking practice—and if you keep an open mind you might be surprised by what some of the organizations have to offer.

How do I connect with employers who aren't at the Fair?
Just because an organization isn't at the Fair doesn't mean they're not hiring.

Look at organization websites and search for a "careers" or "employment" section to learn about their hiring process, and available positions. To gather further information about this employer or field:

  1. Search the ASK Network or LinkedIn to see if there are Puget Sound alumni working in organizations or in fields that interest you, and contact them for an informational interview.
  2. Use your networks. Tell everybody you know that you're interested in a particular field or employer. You never know...your roommate's sister's best friend may have a cousin who works for that employer or in that field.
  3. Visit CES and meet with a career advisor. We can help you design an action plan to meet your individual job search needs.

Puget Sound is committed to being accessible to all people. If you have questions about event accessibility, please visit or contact