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Please join the Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Network and register to attend ASK Night 2014!

Your Past. Their Future. Be Present.

Attend ASK Night, and celebrate over 25 years of
Alumni Sharing Knowledge with students.

ASK Night is an annual event designed to assist students in their career development. During the ASK Night reception, students and alumni share stories about career fields, classes, graduate school, internships, volunteer activities, study abroad, and other experiences during and beyond Puget Sound. Students benefit from your knowledge and get to practice their networking skills with a Logger-friendly audience. Please become an ASK member, and then register to attend ASK Night!

ASK Night 2014 is Thursday, October 9 in Wheelock Student Center
Attend ASK Night to kick start your Homecoming Weekend!

5:45 p.m. (Optional) Alumni-only pre-reception: Network with fellow alumni in advance of the student event. Heavy hors d'oeuvres will be served.
6:30 p.m. Alumni-only program: Find out what to expect during the ASK Night student-alumni reception and get tips for connecting with students.
7 - 8:30 p.m. ASK Night student-alumni reception: Mingle with students and answer their questions about academic, career, and avocational pursuits. Alumni are stationed at bistro tables throughout Marshall Hall in order to facilitate student-alumni connections.

Advanced registration is required to attend ASK Night.
Help students identify you at the event. Upload a current photo when you register.

We begin promoting ASK Night as soon as students arrive back on campus for fall semester. Your early registration helps us build excitement about the event, ensures that students have an opportunity to see which alumni are planning to attend, and provides time for students to review attendee information in the ASK Network database prior to ASK Night.

Our publicity kicks into high gear about 4 weeks prior to the event, highlighting individual alumni to students and faculty. If you're within that window, please register as soon as possible. Alumni who register within a week of the event may not be included in the promotion. Still, we hope you'll register and join us!

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Alumni are students' most valuable resource when it comes to envisioning a career beyond the Puget Sound campus. Joining ASK is the single most important way alumni can get connected with students who need their support. Join today!

Here’s what alumni who've attended ASK Night say about the experience:

"I like chatting with students who are on their way out into the world. That was such an exciting time for me and it’s fun to relive some of those experiences through stories and advice." Eric Peterson '00

"ASK Night is a great networking activity and gives alumni a chance to reconnect with the Puget Sound culture." Kelsey McKee '08

"When I think back to the challenges I had getting established in my career, I realize that I had a lot of questions. I find that being a resource to provide insight and advice, and offer encouragement is a fun and enjoyable way to give back to Puget Sound and help make a difference in someone's life." Peter Cooper '91

"It is so essential, with the shortage of jobs available to young people, that students have the opportunity to meet alumni who are enthusiastic and passionate about their lives in the work place." Kim Sweet '93

"ASK Night provides a great format to help students explore career options and discuss ideas with people who have experience in that process. A few hours of our time can help set the direction for a great career." Craig Cootsona '00

"ASK night is a great way to renew your own interest in your field—the enthusiasm of the students is contagious." Morgan O’Neal Chaput '06

"Even a 5-minute conversation can make a tremendous difference in how a student approaches their post-grad plans. The potential impact an ASK volunteer can have is well worth 2 hours of their time." Joe Woolley '10

Your Past. Their Future. Be Connected!

Remember trying to decide what career path to pursue, whether to attend graduate school, or how to find a job? Students and recent graduates still face these quandaries. But now, you can help! Attend ASK Night, and more importantly, join the ASK Network to share information with Loggers in need of career advice.

Already an ASK member? Please update your ASK Profile--now in LOGGER[net]--there are new fields to fill in to help students connect with you!

Elizabeth (Hollingsworth) Wormsbecker '05 on ASK Night:

"It is really fulfilling to be able to give something to the current students. I remember vividly being in that place where I felt I didn't even know where to start or what questions to ask, so I admire the courage of each student that showed up at ASK Night. I enjoy interacting with them and I also really enjoyed meeting other alumni and making connections."