Campus Supervisors

CES has developed the following resources to support you and help you excel in your various roles as a Campus Supervisor:

Excel as a Coach, Mentor, and Professional Role Model

Clearly defined expectations, timely feedback, and opportunities for professional development are essential to the mutual success of student staff members and supervisors. The following tools can help you enhance this win-win relationship.

Excel as an Administrator

Attention to the details and deadlines associated with campus recruiting and payroll is an important aspect of overseeing student staff members. The following tools can help you meet the administrative expectations of your supervisory role.


  • Student Employment Activities
    Familiarize yourself with timelines for student employment activities.
  • Payroll
    Mark your calendar! Students are paid every two weeks. Note the dates highlighted in purple—these are the deadlines to verify and approve your student staff members' timecards.


  • Non-disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement
    Supervisors of student positions that involve access to confidential information need to have those student staff members read and sign a "Non-disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement" to ensure that they have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. The forms signed by student staff members should be retained in your departmental files.
  • Campus Job Description Form
    Questionnaire to gather accurate, current job descriptions.