ASK experiences


Lesley Link '73, Psychology — Director of Content Development, Microsoft Corporation:

"When students reach out to me, I offer encouragement, point them to contacts when I can, and give a reality check that searching for a job is hard work and requires effort and patience. I remember my first job search—it would have been a lot less scary had I gotten some encouragement from an alumnus or alumna. Also, it's very wonderful when a student calls back, sometimes several months later, and tells me about the job he or she has landed, and that our brief conversation made a difference."

David Fisher '81, Economics; Philosophy — Owner, David M. Fisher Consulting:

Sometimes it's hard for students to understand how a liberal arts background applies to the workplace. I like to help students discover what an excellent preparation it is, as well as how to present themselves and sell their skills to employers."

Karen Denkewalter '92, English — Technical Writer, Aspen Technology:

"Informational interviewing prepared me for the pressure of interviewing for a job. My ASK contacts were frank and professional about suggestions for interviewing. Informational interviews put me in the interview situation without the stress of 'blowing it' Now, I try to do the same for current students."

Laura K Heywood '01, Theater Arts — Senior Manager of Talent and Industry Relations, Sirius XM Radio:

"My first radio job after college was working with Julie Jacobson, class of 1990. After being introduced through the ASK Network, Julie and I emailed for almost two years. She gave me fantastic advice on internships, as well as my jobs as on-air talent and General Manager at KUPS. Coincidentally, she and her husband moved their FM radio morning show to San Francisco right around the time I returned to the bay area from Puget Sound. They were looking for a producer, and because of our contact through ASK and the experience I had during college, I was hired. "

Andrea Tull '02, English — Director of Government Relations, Coordinated Care:

"Every alum has something to offer current students. Often, students just want to be reassured that they will find a job after graduation. Many students want to hear about your own unique career path—it helps spark their ideas and shape their goals. We can all offer our time and unique story.

Joining the ASK network is a way to give back your alma mater that truly makes a difference for students."


Are you a member of the ASK Network? Please tell us about your experience with the Network.