What has your experience been with the ASK Network?

David Fisher '81, Economics; Philosophy — Owner of David M. Fisher Consulting:

Sometimes it's hard for students to understand how a liberal arts background applies to the workplace. I like to help students discover what an excellent preparation it is, as well as how to present themselves and sell their skills to employers."

Lesley Link '73, Psychology — Director of Content Development, Microsoft Corporation:

"I get contacted by five or six students every year as they take the first important steps into the job market. I offer encouragement, point them to contacts when I can, and give a reality check that searching for a job is hard work and requires effort and patience. I remember my first job search—it would have been a lot less scary had I gotten some encouragement from an alumnus or alumna. Also, it's very wonderful when a student calls back, sometimes several months later, and tells me about the job he or she has landed, and that our brief conversation made a difference."

Karen Denkewalter '92, English — Technical Writer, Aspen Technology:

"Informational interviewing prepared me for the pressure of interviewing for a job. My ASK contacts were frank and professional about suggestions for interviewing. The informational interviews put me in the interview situation without the stress of 'blowing it'."

Laura K Heywood '01, Theater Arts — Senior Manager of Talent and Industry Relations, Sirius XM Radio:

"My first radio job after college was working with Julie Jacobson, class of 1990. After being introduced through the ASK network, Julie and I emailed for almost two years. She gave me fantastic advice on internships, as well as my jobs as on-air talent and General Manager at KUPS. Coincidentally, she and her husband moved their FM radio morning show to San Francisco right around the time I returned to the bay area from Puget Sound. They were looking for a producer, and because of our contact through ASK and the experience I had during college, I was hired."


Are you a member of the ASK Network? Please tell us about your experience with the Network.