Common Ways ASK Volunteers Can Help

  • Job Leads
    Alumni are influential representatives of the potential of Puget Sound students; they can seek opportunities for their career development and direct those opportunities through CES to be promoted to all students.
  • Practice Interviews
    Alumni and local business leaders are called upon to conduct practice interviews for students throughout the year.  Mock interviews can be valuable ways for students to prepare for professional interviews for internships or entry-level jobs.  If you are interested, contact CES at 253.879.3161.
  • Networking Events
    In addition to the annual alumni-student reception ASK Night and the fall Health Professions Night, CES plans several smaller events on campus each year clustered around specific career fields or topics.  We also hope to expand these efforts to other cities across the country.  If you are interested in these events, contact CES at 253.879.3161.
  • Career Panels
    Career panels consist of four to six alumni and alumnae representing a particular field or industry.  Events are coordinated with academic departments and clubs and organizations on campus and often moderated by students.  Panelists typically describe their career path and provide advice to students interested in their field.  A question and answer period follows.  Topics might include media, public relations and advertising, politics, government and law, non-profits, psychology and counseling, health professions, finance, and consulting. 
  • Tours of Your Organization
    Visiting organizations and different companies in person is one of the best ways for students to learn about them.  If you or your employer can host individuals or groups to provide an introduction to your organization, please contact CES at 253.879.3161.
  • Shadowing
    Students gain invaluable lessons by spending time with people at their jobs.  Some students who contact you through the ASK Network may be interested in "shadowing" you for a day.
  • Informational Interviews
    This is the most common function an ASK volunteer performs.  Students will search ASK Online and may contact you to schedule an appointment to conduct informational interviews to learn more about your profession, your organization, your path, and how Puget Sound prepared you.