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The Alumni Council CES Committee invites you to consider ways you can help Puget Sound students TODAY!
Alumni are students’ most valuable resource when it comes to envisioning a career beyond the Puget Sound campus. Whether it’s through the Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Network or at a career event on campus, when students connect with alumni, something magical happens. Students recognize the value of connecting with someone who shares a similar collegiate background, and they look to alumni for encouragement, inspiration, ideas and advice.

The Alumni Council Career and Employment Services Committee (CESC) fosters a culture in which alumni are readily available to assist current students with career issues, supplementing and complementing the CES office with resources to support students as they align with and compete for opportunities leading to satisfying professional lives. We invite you to help.
Here’s what you can do today:

Help build the ASK Network of volunteers.
Joining the ASK Network is the single most important way alumni can get connected with students who need their support. ASK members share information about their career and graduate school experience through their searchable ASK Profile online. ASK members may also choose to connect one-on-one with Loggers seeking advice, and are invited to share their expertise in career-related activities.

  • Encourage alumni in your personal/professional networks to register with LOGGER[net] and join the ASK Network.
  • Keep your ASK Profile up to date—it’s the best way to ensure that the ASK Network is a welcoming and valuable career exploration resource for all Loggers.

Connect Puget Sound students and recent graduates with internship and job opportunities.
Alumni are uniquely qualified to represent the potential of Puget Sound students and seek opportunities for their career development.

  • Post job and internship opportunities at (part-time, full-time, summer, and temporary)
  • Encourage your colleagues and professional friends to recruit Puget Sound students and recent grads.
  • Remind your employer why liberal arts graduates like you have talents worth seeking out.
  • Seek out Puget Sound interns and new hires at your organization and offer to be a mentor.
  • Display Puget Sound imprinted items at work to generate conversation about your alma mater.

Why join ASK?

"...Talking to students about their first job is rewarding and allows you to reminisce a bit about that time in your life." 

Lael Carlson '02, ASK volunteer

Alumni Council Career and Employment Services Committee

Andrea Tull '02

Committee Members:
Dr. Wesley Jordan '74, P '06 & '10
Lacey (Leffler) Wright '03
Margaret Nordstrom '02
Brooke Pfiele Rapf '02

Build the ASK Network

Encourage alumni to get involved at