Coffee Services and Beverages

Gourmet Coffee, Teas, and Juices available dawn to dusk

Freshly Brewed Stumptown© Coffee (regular & decaffeinated) 
$17 per gallon, $12 per half gallon

Herbal Teas & Accompaniments
$11.25 per gallon, $9 per half gallon

Iced Tea
$12.75 per gallon, $7.50 per carafe

$13.50 per gallon, $7.50 per carafe

Fresh Juices: Orange, Apple, Cranberry
$16.50 per gallon, $11.75 per carafe

Cranberry or Guava Punch
$16.50 per gallon

Assorted Cold Coca-Cola© Soft Drinks: Coke, Diet Coke, Root Beer, Sprite
$1.25 per can - charged by consumption

Bottled Juices
$2.00 per bottle - charged by consumption

Perrier Sparkling Water
$1.50 per bottle

$1 per carton (.5 pint)

Bottle Water 1/2 Liter
$1.25 per bottle

Last updated December 2, 2016