Welcome to Logger Card 101

Your introduction to the University of Puget Sound Logger Card!

The following summarizes uses and benefits of the University of Puget Sound Logger Card.

What is the University of Puget Sound Logger Card?

The Logger Card is a multifunctional ID/access card which also serves as a meal card.

What does the Logger Card provide for me?

Electronic door access: Swipe your card to access places like your residence hall and other campus buildings and rooms you have been authorized to enter. 

Meal Plans: Your Logger Card serves like a debit card for purchases in all dining sponsored locations. 

Tell me more about your Dining Dollars: Dining Dollars are a pre-paid, declining balance account that allows you to pay for food purchases on campus without carrying cash. Your Meal Plan account is your money, point-for-point and not transferable with any other student. And in most cases – transactions are faster than using cash.

Are there any special instructions I should know about caring for or carrying my Logger Card?

There are a few simple guidelines.

  1. Do NOT punch holes of any kind in the card.  Cards are already pre-punched for you so you may use a lanyard. Please detach your Logger Card from your lanyard when making food/drink purchases--keys and other things cause damage to our registers.
  2. Do not expose your Logger Card to extreme temperatures (which, during summer means do not leave it in your car!) 
  3. Empty your pockets before washing clothes; Logger Cards do not tolerate rinse, spin and dry cycles.
  4. If your Logger Card is lost or stolen, you will be responsible for purchasing a replacement card for $20 (cash or credit card in the new Dining Services Office in WSC 240).
  5. Treat your Logger Card like any identification and carry it with you wherever you go. You will need it for campus residence access, to check out books from the library and to use your meal plan!

What’s the benefit of having a Logger Card?

One card does it all: With the Logger Card, you use one card for Bookstore purchases, food, library books and door access.

Using your dining dollars is faster than cash: (or any other type of payment card for that matter!) Because the transaction runs on a local network and takes just the swipe of your Logger Card, you get through the check-out line on campus faster than cash or credit/debit cards.

They’re safe: If you lose your Logger Card, your money is secure and immediately available when you receive a replacement card. Also, since Meal Points work on a real-time debit system, you cannot overdraw your account like most debit cards and you avoid the problem of getting buried in a mountain of credit card debt.

They’re risk-free: To know more information about Dining Dollars, please visit Dining and Conference Services.

How do I add Dining Dollars to my Logger Card? 

Adding Dining Dollars is easy! Students can add more Dining Dollars through their Cascade Web Accounts! Students can add dining dollars to their meal plan 10 days after the start of the term. Purchases of additional dining dollars must be authorized with student e-signature and will be charged to the student account. Your dining dollars purchases will be applied to your student account on the next business day. Your dining dollars will be added to your meal plan account within one hour after your initial purchase. Only you, the student; can add dining dollars to your student account.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact Student Financial Services.

More Questions?

This all sounds great! What if I have more questions? We are happy to answer any questions you might have about how to use your Logger Card.

Send your questions via e-mail to loggercard@pugetsound.edu.