Offices & Services

Honors Program

This intensive four-year program for students selected on the basis of their academic performance includes an option to live in the Honors residence house, Langlow.
Wyatt 139, 253.879.3781,


Interdisciplinary studies in Humanities offers courses that draw upon the disciplines of history, literature, philosophy, religion, communication studies, art history, and music history to explore fundamental and enduring questions regarding the human condition.
Wyatt 333, 253.879.3649

Institutional Research, Office of

Supports institutional management, planning, and decision-making by providing reports about Puget Sound's students, faculty and staff, instructional activities, and finances.
Library 120, 122, 124; 253.879.3104

International Political Economy

The International Political Economy (IPE) Program offers a multidisciplinary approach to the study of international and global problems. International Political Economy encourages the integrated analysis of these problems and issues using tools and methods of political science, economics, and sociology as informed by an understanding of history and tempered by appreciation of culture and cultural differences.
McIntyre 213, 253.879.3136,

International Programs

Student study abroad programs, international students, international visiting faculty
Howarth 215, 253.879.2515

Kittredge Gallery

Gallery displaying a variety of art, including two student shows each year.
Kittredge Hall, N. 15th St. & N. Lawrence St., 253.879.3701

Latin American Studies

The Latin American Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Latin America. Drawing on courses from Foreign Languages and Literature, Politics and Government, Business, Art History and History, students minoring in Latin American Studies gain an in-depth understanding of the region and different analytical tools and perspectives for understanding its past and present.
Wyatt Hall


Collins Memorial Library offers over 550,000 volumes of books and paper journals, as well as music CDs, movie DVDs, online access to journal articles and state and federal documents.

Mathematics and Computer Science

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers courses in support of students who need a general introduction to these fields and students who need specific tools and techniques in support of their own fields of study.
Thompson Hall

Music, School of

As an undergraduate program at a liberal arts college, we are dedicated to the tradition of training musicians for successful professional careers in music and to supporting students who wish to study music, regardless of major.
Music Building, 253.879.3700,