Offices & Services


The English Department aims to promote critical thinking, historical awareness, and effective communication through the study of literature and writing.
Wyatt 335, 253.879.3235

Environmental Policy and Decision Making

The Environmental Policy and Decision Making Program is an interdisciplinary minor program designed to help students integrate their major area of study with an understanding of how individual and collective decisions interact with the environment.
Wyatt 333, 253.879.2862

Exercise Science

The mission of the Department of Exercise Science is to deliver a program that applies the scientific foundations of human movement to help graduates understand the complex relationships among work, physical activity, health, and realizing human potential.
Weyerhaeuser 325, 253.879.2894

Financial Aid

Coordinates student applications for financial assistance, including scholarships, loans, and student employment.
Jones 019, 253.879.3214, 800.396.7192,

Foreign Languages & Literature

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literature offers three distinct programs in French Studies, German Studies, and Hispanic Studies. [For majors in Chinese, Japanese or East Asian Languages please see the Asian Languages and Cultures Program.]
Wyatt 233, 253.879.3186,

Gender Studies

As the home to one of the nation's first Women's Studies programs, the University of Puget Sound has a long tradition of exploring issues pertaining to gender and sexuality. The current Gender Studies program enriches and expands the college's curriculum by illuminating the ways in which gender and multiple other converging axes of identity frame every aspect of life.
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The Geology Department at Puget Sound consists of five faculty members and roughly 25 majors. Our size enables us to offer a broad spectrum of classes while at the same time maintaining a close-knit and collegial learning environment.
Thompson 117, 253.879.3814,

Grants Office

Provides resources to assist in procuring grant funds to support research, programs, projects, and initiatives to achieve the university's mission.
Jones 219, 253.879.3610,


Convinced that the study of history is an essential component of a superior education in the liberal arts and sciences, the Department of History offers a strong academic program in a number of areas within the discipline of history.
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