Summer Academic Challenge

Summer Academic Challenge (SAC) is an integral component of the University of Puget Sound's commitment to diversity and our institution’s diversity strategic goal to increase the recruitment of individuals from underrepresented minoritized groups, improve structural diversity, and promote their retention and success.

This tuition-free summer math and science enrichment program enhances the programs provided during the academic year and prepares students for the next academic year. Programs are available for students in grades seven through twelve.

Students study material centered on a theme that changes from year to year. Themes from past years have included flight, salmon survival, sustainability, and communication. Students study specific mathematical and scientific topics that support the theme and relate those topics to larger questions. They attend classes, build models, execute computer programs, conduct laboratory experiments, and participate in field trips.

Teachers are drawn from both the community and the university. Current university students serve as mentors and teaching assistants to the middle and high school students participating in the program.

College Scholarship Opportunity

Puget Sound will provide a package that meets the full financial need of Summer Academic Challenge students who wish to attend the college, if they meet the following criteria: 1) Successfully complete Summer Academic Challenge; 2) Graduate from high school; 3) Apply to, are admitted, and enroll at Puget Sound.

Who should apply?

  • Students who want to feel more comfortable with math and science and want to strengthen their skills in these subjects.
  • Students who enjoy math and science and would like to see how these subjects are used in the world around them.
  • Students must be currently attending a public school.
  • Priority is given to student applicants from underrepresented minoritized groups, first generation college students, and/or from underrepresented socio-economic status as determined by FFRL.  

This year the SAC application is available online! Students should fill out an application with a Parent or Guardian. You should also have contact information for your recommender, as they will be emailed to fill out a form for you online. 

The Application for Summer Academic Challenge 2016 is now Closed

We will be mailing out responses the first week of May!

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Frequently Asked Questions Q&A.pdf

DEADLINE for submitting SAC applications is April 15, 2016.

See the short video created during the 20th year of the Summer Academic Challenge for student reflections on the program and to learn more about what participating in this program can do for you.