About Access Programs

Access to College Day

Participants will attend two forty-five minute sessions hosted by Puget Sound faculty and campus departments. Past sessions have focused on financial aid, library usage, academic support, college admission, study abroad opportunities and student life. Participants will also have the opportunity to take a campus tour and have lunch on campus.

Access to College Tutoring & Mentoring

Puget Sound students volunteer their time to tutor Access Programs participants. The Access Programs Coordinator will work closely with pre-college students to identify and respond to their academic needs. Tutoring sessions takes place every Tuesday evening on the Puget Sound campus in McIntyre Hall.

Puget Sound students serve as mentors to pre-college students. Mentors will spend a minimum of four hours a month involved in an activity with their students, such as tutoring and/or other access events.

Access to College Arts, Culture, and Career Days

Access Programs participants will visit local arts events and cultural attractions.