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Civic Scholarship, Inspiring Student Leadership

Diversity & Democracy, published by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, Fall 2013
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Tacoma City Council proclaims March 17 as "University of Puget Sound Day" in honor of our 125th anniversary

TV Tacoma, February 19, 2013 (from 1:40; includes statement by President Ron Thomas)
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Tacoma and UPS march arm-in-arm to the heights

The News Tribune, January 16, 2013
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College is still our best hope

The Spokesman-Review, June 2, 2012
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Q&A with Ronald R. Thomas

Business Examiner, January 9, 2012
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More than a game

National Collegiate Athletic Association, May 19, 2011
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They will listen, learn and perhaps make a difference

The News Tribune, February 22, 2011
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Include private schools in college funding debate

The Olympian, January 29, 2011
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The one thing the state really can't afford

The News Tribune, February 4, 2010
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The best investment for 2010

Tacoma Weekly, January 27, 2010
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Avoid catastrophe: Don't cut Washington's higher-education funding any more

Seattle Times, December 8, 2009
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In Search of Efficiency, We Shouldn't Surrender Our Soul to "University City"

The Chronicle of Higher Education, September 7, 2009
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February 16, 2009
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The Best of Times in the Worst of Times

The Chronicle of Higher Education, November 21, 2008
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Lessons for College Presidents from the 2008 Presidential Campaign

The Presidency, Spring 2008
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The new Children's Crusade

Seattle Times, January 14, 2008
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Reclaiming Leadership: The American College and University's President's Climate Commitment

May 1, 2007
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“The Moonstone, Detective Fiction, and Forensic Science,”

The Cambridge Companion to Wilkie Collins, Ed. Jenny Bourne Taylor (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006): 65-78.

Left behind in the race for education

The Seattle Times, September 14, 2006
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What the Olympics teach us about the role of higher education

The Seattle Times, February 17, 2006
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The Trouble with Art

ArtsFund Keynote Address, November 18, 2005
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Bush's budget leaves college students behind

Seattle Times, March 7, 2005
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Defining Moments: A Vision for the University of Puget Sound

February 2005
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Truth and consequences: the role of an educated person

Seattle Times, September 7, 2004
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To Shine in Use: The Trojan Horse and the Sphere of Common Duties

Inaugural Address, April 23, 2004
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Sacred spaces

Arches, Spring 2004
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UPS, Tacoma benefits from joint lessons in citizenship

The News Tribune, Commentaries and Letters,August 22, 2003
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Tests of Time: Making the Case for the Liberal Arts in an Age of Assessment and Careerism

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Planning for the Campus and the Community in Context: Turning Town and Gown Inside-Out

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