Community Outreach

The University of Puget Sound partners with numerous organizations and participates in a variety of programs throughout the year in an effort to provide opportunities for a diverse group of students to enroll at the University. These programs enhance our efforts to improve the overall diversity on campus.

College Horizons
College Horizons is a five-day "crash course" in preparing for college. Representatives from Puget Sound join college counselors and admission officers from colleges and universities around the country to help Native American (enrolled members only), Native Alaskan or Native Hawaiian prepare for college. Students will learn about a broad variety of universities and establish personal relationships with admission representatives and college counselors that will continue long after the program is over. Puget Sound has participated in College Horizons by providing faculty in 2004 and 2005. In 2006, Puget Sound hosted the program for 86 native students from across the country.

Access Programs
Access Programs is Puget Sound-sponsored and specifically focuses on students traditionally under-represented in higher education. The original cohort of students are in the seventh grade and have been identified as having potential for success in secondary and post-secondary education but many need additional support, guidance and enrichment of their goals. Access Programs are developed with the goal of increasing the pool of college-ready students from the local Tacoma region. Tacoma Public Schools and the University of Puget Sound share this goal and have formed a partnership, the Access to College Initiative, which is a part of AC Students at RestAccess Programs. Students attending Tacoma Public middle schools and high schools are recruited to apply to participate in Access Programs. Application forms, test scores, classroom performance, study habits, attendance patterns and social behavior are a few of the criteria that will be reviewed.  For more information, send an email message to or visit our website.

Achievers Program
The University of Puget Sound is a proud participant in the Washington State Achievers Program supported by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The foundation believes that access to higher education opens doors to opportunities, especially for low-income students and students of color.

Through the combination of school and district grants, scholarships, and technology enriched classrooms, the Washington State Achievers Program works with 16 Washington high schools serving large populations of low-income students. The program aims to raise academic achievement and increase college-going rates at these schools. The first group of Achievers Scholars graduated from Puget Sound in 2005.

Fulfillment Fund
The University of Puget Sound has partnered with the Fulfillment Fund to support nearly 3,000 economically disadvantaged students with the resources, tools and skills needed to obtain quality education and lead productive, fulfilling lives. The Fulfillment Fund provides one-on-one mentoring, classroom-based outreach, college counseling, college scholarships, internships, career counseling and a parent education component.

Daniels Fund
We work collaboratively with the Daniels Fund to help empower students from Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Utah to attend The University of Puget Sound. The Daniels Fund was established by Bill Daniels to assist promising students who present financial need, demonstrate leadership potential, strength of character, maturity, a well-rounded personality and commitment to community in achieving the dream of a college education.

National Hispanic Recognition Program
We actively encourage and recognize students who have been designated as National Hispanic commended scholars and finalists by the College Board. These students are also eligible for specific scholarships at University of Puget Sound by virtue of this honor.

National Achievement
The University of Puget Sound acknowledges African American students who have been recognized by the College Board as national merit commended and finalists. These students are also eligible for specific scholarships in honor of their achievement. The National Achievement Scholarship Program is an academic competition established in 1964 to provide recognition for outstanding Black American high school students. Black students may enter both the National Achievement Program and the National Merit® Program by taking the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT®) and meeting other published requirements for participation. The two annual programs are conducted concurrently but operated and funded separately. A student's standing is determined independently in each program. Black American students can qualify for recognition and be honored as Scholars in both the National Merit Program and the National Achievement Program, but can receive only one monetary award from NMSC. (Source: The National Merit Scholarship Corporation website)