Community Outreach

The University of Puget Sound partners with numerous organizations and participates in a variety of programs throughout the year in an effort to provide opportunities for a diverse group of students to enroll at the University. These programs enhance our efforts to improve the overall diversity on campus.

Access Programs
Access Programs is Puget Sound-sponsored and specifically focuses on students traditionally under-represented in higher education. The original cohort of students are in the seventh grade and have been identified as having potential for success in secondary and post-secondary education but many need additional support, guidance and enrichment of their goals. Access Programs are developed with the goal of increasing the pool of college-ready students from the local Tacoma region. Tacoma Public Schools and the University of Puget Sound share this goal and have formed a partnership, the Access to College Initiative, which is a part of AC Students at RestAccess Programs. Students attending Tacoma Public middle schools and high schools are recruited to apply to participate in Access Programs. Application forms, test scores, classroom performance, study habits, attendance patterns and social behavior are a few of the criteria that will be reviewed.  For more information, send an email message to or visit our website.


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