BHERT Members

Michael Benitez
Michael Benitez (co-chair)
Chief Diversity Officer and Dean of Diversity and Inclusion
Czarina Ramsay
Czarina Ramsay (co-chair)
Director of Intercultural Engagement
Donn Marshall Donn Marshall
Associate Dean of Students and
Director of Counseling, Health, and Wellness Services
Carolyn Weisz Carolyn Weisz
Professor of Psychology
Faculty Committee on Diversity Representative
Michael Valentine Michael Valentine
Professor of Geology
Faculty Committee on Diversity Representative
Dave Wright Dave Wright
Spiritual Life and Civic Engagement
Nancy Nieraeth Nancy Nieraeth
Director of Employment and People Development
Human Resources
Todd Badham Todd Badham
Director of Security Services
Grace Kirchner Grace Kirchner
Professor of Education, and
Campus Ombudsperson
Liz Collins Liz Collins
Director of the Office of the President and
Secretary of the Board
Jada Pelger Jada Pelger
Information Resources Coordinatory, Library
Staff Senate Representative
Debbie Chee Debbie Chee
Director of Residence Life

Please report incidents of bias or hate affecting our campus to any of the BHERT committee members listed above.