Information Center


The Info Center is staffed by student employees who are committed to providing excellent customer service to all university patrons.

The Information Center is located on the first floor of the Wheelock Student Center and offers a variety of services to the campus and community.

  • Serves as the Ticketing Office for the university, selling tickets to all campus events, exclusive of athletic events.
  • Serves as the main campus operator during hours of operation.
  • Serves as the source for campus and community information, candy, gum, and campus maps.

Student Staff

Info Center Manager - Ticketing
Cora Young

Info Center Manager - Facilities
Peter Davidson

Info Center Manager - Operations
Lexi Pearce

Info Center Manager - Finance
J'Nyssa Baker
Katrina Buesch

WSC Office Assistant
D.J. Maguddayao
Neeyati Johnson

Facilities Assistants
Caroline Schramm
Jamie Millon
Megan Tegman
Lauren Hansen

Info Center Assistants 
Kassidy Giles
Hannah Monsour
Anna Goebel
Jackie Pentafort
Will Spengler
Gwen Bartholomay
Nick Brady
Nic Bailon
Maddie Conner
McKenna Franklin
Amelia Booth
Hailey Greer
Bobbijo Katagiri
Kai Hundemer
Jayce Ikehara
Carly Brock
Angie Calderon
Annastasia Morairty