Reservation Form & Contract Instructions

Reservation Form Instructions

I. Contact Information for Couple
Please provide the couple's names as well as the contact information for the partner with whom we should direct our contact. Your post-ceremony address may or may not be the same as that for the contact information. To ensure follow-up is conducted appropriately, please provide the address that will be used after the wedding/union.

II. Rehearsal Information
Please indicate which day and at which time you would like to hold your rehearsal. While this can be changed, it is important to reserve the rehearsal time to ensure that the space is available.

III. Ceremony Information
Please indicate the following: Desired Time-Block, Ceremony Start Time, Estimated Attendance, Desired Kilworth Memorial Chapel Items, and Organist Information.

If you would like to utilize the organ in your ceremony, you must make arrangements with an approved organist. Please refer to the list of approved organists in the Facility Use and Information Guidelines. You may indicate your organist at a later date as well.

IV. Accessibility Needs
Please indicate if you or any of the members of your wedding/union party or ceremony guests have accessibility needs. It is important that the chapel staff is informed as early as possible prior to the ceremony so that we may make appropriate accommodations.

V. Reception Information
If you would like to have your reception at Kilworth Chapel, please contact the Kilworth Chapel Manager at 253.879.2751 or

VI. University Sponsor
To ensure your reservation is processed, it is important to fill out this section correctly. Per our policy that one member of the couple must be affiliated with the university (unless preappoved by the Chapel Office), please indicate this relationship. The person with the relationship is your University Sponsor. It may be a member of the couple or a parent. We will verify the relationship. In the case your relationship does not fall under the guidelines detailed in the Facility Use and Information Guidelines, your reservation will be cancelled.

If the University Sponsor is not one of the couple, this person is liable in addition to the couple for the use of the Kilworth Memorial Chapel facility.

Contract Instructions

This contract is to help inform you of your obligations with respect to the facility. Please read it carefully. Before you submit your contract please make sure to initial, sign, and date each place it is requested. Failing to fill in all areas of the contract will delay your reservation and may result in losing your desired date and time for the ceremony.

Your reservation form, contract and use fee should be submitted to:

Kilworth Chapel Manager
Spirituality, Service & Social Justice
1500 North Warner, CMB 1082
Tacoma, Washington 98416-1082